So which is worse? Snow or mud?

Doesn’t matter since you’re gonna get both anyway.

Last week we got between 12 and 16 inches of snow, depending on who was doing the estimating. And then we got a warm spell and some of it melted, turning the caliche into lakes of snot. And then it froze…and then it got warm again, releasing more water…

Friday the roads had just begun to dry out though there was still lots of unmelted snow. Forecast called for rain, which we didn’t get. However we did get another nice warm day, so more snow melted, and the mud got deeper, and…
Everywhere I go, slip-sliding around. I can barely get the Jeep out of my driveway in either direction. There’s no way I’m firing up the ATV, that’s like driving in a mud shower without an umbrella. You oughta see this floor. I keep sweeping and we just track in more…

I hate winter.

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5 Responses to So which is worse? Snow or mud?

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    I sympathize. We have bentonite mud here in the spring… concrete and superglue mix. You can’t get it off your boots or tires if it dries there. It will eventually wear out of the treads on the tires, but the boots are toast for anything except walking through the mud next time. And if your vehicle gets stuck in this mud very badly, it just may not ever come out! People here are very careful in places where that stuff is deep.

  2. Ben says:

    So you are saying that your unspoiled desert paradise needs more asphalt and more concrete to make life more convenient for you? Is that it?

  3. Zelda says:

    MamaLiberty, did you see the clamp on Ott light complete with bulb on Amazon for $39.00?

    I live in Bentonite too. Amazing stuff. If you get stuck in it all you can do is wait for it to dry out, then pry your vehicle out with a jack and some boards, or winch it out. Too bad the rodents won’t walk through it when it’s saturated.

  4. Joel says:

    A Williams-Sonoma would be nice, too, if you don’t mind. No Starbucks, though. That just attracts hipsters.

  5. Zelda says:

    Joel could put a huge tent or polytunnel over The Lair and the rest of his property, with drainage ditches around it, which would at least free him from tracking mud in the house and give him a running start at driving off his property. Concrete and asphalt don’t last. The expansion and contraction of the bentonite clay split it into pieces. Bentonite will crack a building in pieces unless the building is on a special floating foundation. I’ve seen it crack different types of buildings. A cheap and good way to deal with it is to grow different types of grass, and drive on that, although as soon as you break through it you’re back in the mud. If you live in bentonite it’s best to not have rain or snow in your local climate.

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