Y’know, I try to stay away from all the bullshit about Islam…

…Because unlike a lot of Moslem-bashers I have actually known and worked with a large number of Moslems, many of whom I rather liked and none of whom tried to behead me…
images…though I must say I’ve grown tired of waiting for them to rein in their own fanatics. They’ve had plenty of time, and they’ve got plenty of guns…images2…so I have begun to question my own oft-repeated assertions about how they deplore the fanatics as much as we do, or nearly as much…images3…and although I find Sean Hannity and his ridiculous jingoism annoying – “We’ll put a boot in your ass, it’s the American way” yerass, no it isn’t…muhammad3…and I deplore those who even joke about using American military strength for what amounts to genocide…muhammad-cartoon…Still, all that notwithstanding, I have to say…muhammad-cartoon-4-paneCartoonists? Seriously? Do you ever wake up in the morning stabbed by the enormous lameness of getting murderous over a few cartoons? What does that even say about you? A punch in the nose, I could understand. I mean, somebody drew a really insulting cartoon about me at work one time and I wanted to punch him in the nose. But slaughtering the guy never even entered my mind. And I don’t have the most nonviolent mind.Muhammad-cartoonSo I just want to say, to anyone who thinks this sort of behavior is actually appropriate…crybaby-muhammad-e1272894117428…Get over it. Or at least, stop picking on people who won’t shoot back.That’s all I’m trying to say.

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16 Responses to Y’know, I try to stay away from all the bullshit about Islam…

  1. czechsix says:

    That hat absolutely destroys the image lol.

  2. Joel says:

    Heh. Well, yeah, I don’t have a lot of guntoting selfies on file.

  3. Ro says:

    All the papers and talking heads are telling us how these are extremists however they don’t and will not print that actually they are following not only mohammeds words in the koran but his example too. In 624 AD a jewish poet by the name of Abu Afak wrote a poem mocking mohammed. Old mo ordered him killed and Salin ibn Umayr did so.
    Now moderate muslims, whoever the hell they are, will tell you this is all lies but it is recorded in detail in both the Sira and the oldest biography of mohammed called The Life of The Prophet of God wrote not long after his death by Ibn Ishaq. It is considered by scholars to be the most accurate account.

  4. Joel says:

    All that is true, Ro, and I wouldn’t bother trying to deny it even if I had some reason to defend the religion. Which I don’t. But it would also be irrelevant, if not for one sad fact.

    In the thirteenth century and subsequently, the “christian” church did a whole bunch of shamefully horrifying things – things that would have me looking askance at any self-professed Christian if not for one happy fact, which is that no Christian church or offshoot does things like that anymore. And if one did, it would be condemned and stopped by the other Christians.

    Unfortunately that cannot be said for present-day followers of Islam. And that’s the sad fact that makes Mohammed’s activities still relevant.

  5. MJR says:

    Joel very well done, as for the hat…

  6. Joel says:

    Yeah, got it. I need a more badass headshot.

  7. Ro says:

    You miss my point Joel. Christians follow the New Testament and despite the church being ran by a bunch of homicidal loons they could not actually point to specific passages in it to justify their actions. On the contrary most of the shit they got up to was quite specifically not allowed. Whereas kost of the bad shit these loons get upto can be justified by specific passages in the koran and the hadiths.

  8. GoneWithTheWind says:

    It is a mistake to believe this will all pass and we will go back to a pre 9/11 or pre 1977 era where muslims minded their own business or somethng. The muslim religion and muslims in general have always had these views and in their own little enclaves pretty much enforced their version of an eye for an eye etc. But in the 50’s (give or take 10 years or so) something happened that changed this forever: oil money. Lots and lots of oil money which allowed them to export their war on everybody. Rich sheiks could pay unemployed graduates of Madrasa’s to go kill people who said or did something that offended them. Most muslims are not radicalized, do not want to kill everyone who offends them and in fact their culture inclines them to be very friendly and polite. BUT the problem is this: because of their religion and their religious training they do not typically believe that the radical muslims are wrong and their religious training tells them that right or wrong the radical muslim is THEIR tribe and all of the rest of us are kafir and not to be trusted. SO while the moderate muslim may not want to kill you he cannot bring himself to say that the radical muslim is wrong if he does kill you. He cannot and will not stand up against Islam radical or otherwise. He will silently agree with the radical muslim terrorist.

  9. Claire says:

    Ro — I take it you have never read the Old Testament? Or that you believe that Jesus didn’t mean it when he said he didn’t intend to change one jot or tittle of the law (that is, the law and commands expressed in the OT, which are remarkably like those in the Koran)?

    I agree that neither Christians nor Jews follow the most barbaric parts of OT law, while too many Muslims do follow the worst of theirs. And thank the sanity of the western world for that. But it’s all THERE. All the murderous viciousness.

  10. bmq215 says:

    I ran across an interesting compilation of Arab political cartoons following the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Obviously cherry picked, but interesting to see how at least some of the Muslim press is responding. I saw it right after reading this post and was struck by how similar it felt in some ways, albeit just a touch lighter on the blasphemy…


  11. Ro says:

    The old testament was irrelevant. Jesus came to fulfill all law. It was the early RC and EO churches that insisted that the OT be recognised at the council of Chalcedon. Early Christians regarded only Jesus word as the guiding light. Many eastern and iranian sects still do. The nearest the later churches have come is people like the Quakers.
    The RC and EO church have long used the OT as a tool of oppression. Jesus spoke of non of the guilt and harm that they have piled upon people. They even shifted the blame for Jesus’s death to the Jews leading to centuries of oppression and death, things that Jesus taught were wrong, for them. But then ths newly established church of Rome could not really blame the Roman who ordered it!
    Jesus banished the moneychangers from the temple. What would he make of a church whose leaders live in palaces, dress in finery, owns large property portfolios and even has its own bank. Meanwhile the poor the sick the hungry and those lost of spirit are ignored.Neither the RC church or CofE act in a Christian manner. Many of their members aregood and faithful people but their leaders have long since squandered any pretence at authority they had.
    Any Christian who references the OT over the words of Jesus and the lessons he taught is in error. His teachings fulfill all other obligations.
    Matthew 5.17 Jesus refuses to stone the woman for adultery and challenges those without sin to step forward. His message of forgivness and love for one another overode OT law. He does this repeatedly, even preaching outside a temple in the countryside, associating with the unclean and forgiving the criminals. His central message is that he fulfills, embodies all laws with his teaching not the OT. The only relavance he gave to the OT was the Ten Commandments, The Great Commandment and the Golden Rule.
    The Koran on the other hand was a crib of the OT and many Jewish texts with many alterations to give the ambitious brigand the advantage over his enemies.
    Comparing the life of Mohammed who fought and murdered, on a genocidal scale at times, his way round the ME to the life and teachings of Jesus is somewhat absurd!

  12. Matt says:

    If need be, I am willing to fight Islam, or communists, or national socialists, or Roman Catholics, or Protestants, or Buddhists. It is not what they preach that I care about, but what they practice.

  13. PJ says:

    The whole Charlie Hebdo thing was a CIA operation.

  14. Goober says:

    WIthin your point lies the key as to why I dismiss anyone that uses the “but Christians did X!” argument.

    Yes, back in the dark ages, when people were generally assholes to each other, Christians were also assholes, by an large.

    But they don’t do these things anymore. There are no sects of Christianity left that routinely murder people in the name of their God, and when a rare nutter or two pop up and do something awful in the name of the Christian God, the Christians are united in denouncing the activity.

    Islam still kills a lot of people wholesale, and the MINORITY in Islam are the folks that actually decry that.

    I am actually married into an Islamic family. My sister married an Iranian. They are the most welcoming, most loving, most awesome people I’ve had the pleasure of being around. I’ve never once felt unwelcome in their home. If they’ve ver made me feel uncomfortable, it was because they went overboard in trying to cater to my every need while I was in their home.

    I’ve nothing against Islam in theory. In practice, it routinely pisses me off, though.

  15. bravokilo says:

    Many people try to fit the morality and standards of today into the lives of people back then, but it doesn’t work. Those ‘barbaric’ laws spelled out by Moses were good and necessary for the reality of those times. Educate yourself, and I’m sorry about your feelings.

  16. Goober says:

    Bravokilo – agreed.

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