Sometimes I just shouldn’t read the forecast.

Yesterday was really kind of pleasant by recent standards. Got all the way up to 35 and I did my afternoon chores in a hoodie. Woke up this morning and the outdoor temperature was a shocking 30o. Could it be a reprieve?

First cup in hand, I sat down to look at the forecast. Ah, the temperature was climbing because of that thick blanket of snow clouds coming to grace us with more white stuff. Curiously I just poked my head out to confirm that, and I see stars. So I don’t know. Anyway after that the temperature is supposed to crash again, this time bottoming below zero, with no relief until at least Saturday. So don’t put that Sorel boot away just yet.

Good time for a less-frigid interlude because the water run got rescheduled for this morning and I don’t want to shiver through filling my water bottles. Also propane bottles and gas cans. Basically not a good morning for single-digit or stormy weather, but after that I’m mostly going to go back to sitting around so it can get as cold as it likes and I should be fine if Uncle Murphy will give me a break for a week.

Here’s something wierd, I just got up to feed the fire and in the time it took to thumb out the two paragraphs above the indicated outdoor temperature dropped six degrees. Still mid-twenties which is much less cold than the previous two mornings, but still an indication as if I needed one that I don’t really know what’s going on out there.

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  1. Mike says:

    While it’s just a cold front moving through, it reminds me of that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where the temperature drops a hundred degrees in seconds. Pretty cool, eh? :^)

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