Sometimes Torso Boy wants to come with…

It’s funny – I’ve never cared for a dog out here that didn’t freaking love a Jeep ride. If I wanted to hurt Little Bear’s feelings to where he might need hours to forgive me, all I needed to do was go off for a Jeep ride without him. But most of the time Laddie can take it or leave it. He’s usually just as happy to stay home and continue his all-day nap.

But sometimes not – today I needed to go to D&L’s to feed their horses, and he really wanted to come along. So fine.

He’s welcome to critique my driving, but he can’t come in the barn and oversee the care of the horses. That way lies chaos.

As long as I don’t introduce my little Agent of Chaos into the mix, lunchtime for the horses is simplicity itself – all they care about is getting their food. Give them their pellets, give them their hay, then clean up the horse apples and we’re done. It’s not like last time where it was a race between cleaning the ice out of the troughs and freezing solid myself…

Glorious day! My cool indoor/outdoor thermometer says it’s 65o in the shade, and it might be true. Pure sunshine, no wind: It’s just a lovely day. I’m having so much fun being outdoors lately I’m in danger of fraying my stump bloody. But what the hell? I ain’t got time to bleed. 🙂

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One Response to Sometimes Torso Boy wants to come with…

  1. The Old Man says:

    Good on you, amigo. We had 8 degrees in Cleveburg this aye-em. Dogs were NOT happy.

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