Sometimes you just gotta say “F*ck it, I’m working anyway.”

I kind of pulled something in my back on Monday morning, couldn’t even say when or how but it started hurting a bit while I loaded water bottles into the back of D&L’s truck. Figured I’d give it a day to go away.

Didn’t go away. Got worse. Last couple of nights I could barely sleep. Grumped through my chicken chores and other unavoidables, but otherwise wasn’t getting any work done.

Finally came Friday, and I’m like “F*ck this.” So I went to work. Didn’t work hard, didn’t set any records, but there was a thing I wanted to get done and I wasn’t going to stop till it got done.

And all the time I was doing it, my shoulder and arm didn’t bother me at all. Forgot all about it, in fact, till I came inside and sat back down half an hour ago. Now it’s kind of hurting. A little, not half as bad as it hurt when I got up this morning.


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6 Responses to Sometimes you just gotta say “F*ck it, I’m working anyway.”

  1. Bill says:

    Yep…As a lifelong Blue Collar Guy, forty years of that as a nailbanger. I feel your pain, but like you, I found that in most cases, just suck it up an move forward. Unless it’s a broken bone or the blood loss makes ya dizzy. Now I’m just an ol’retired guy an can set back an lick those ol’bangups ya know.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    I suspect this:×14-Mesh-3029454/203398697
    would properly enclose your porch once you roof it. Depending, of course, on how you do the roof…

  3. bmq215 says:

    Reading your post this morning where you compared it to a pinched nerve I thought “that’s not like one, that IS one”. This just makes reinforces that feeling. If your shoulder is involved it’s obviously somewhere between there and your spine. Were you a city-dweller I’d say MRI/chiropractor/massage therapist but out in the sticks work may actually be the best medicine, as weird as that seems.

    Good luck with it. Here’s hoping it feels a lot better tomorrow.

  4. Mark F. Matis says:

    Set 2x4s vertically and flush with the deck header beam and running up to a 2×4 header beam on the outboard side of your roof columns. 4 feet on center. Make sure the header at the roof is less than 96″ from the top of the deck header, even if you need to make it larger than 2×4. Staple the screen to the upper and lower headers and the vertical 2x4s, then nail these:
    through the screen and into the verticals and the headers. Work your door at the stairs however you choose – solid or screen. You may be smart to turn those stairs 90 degrees for the final project to get away from your heater vent. You do intend to cantilever the roof beyond the end of the porch, right?

    Of course, you’ll need to fill the gaps between the roof beams with 1x or 2x to keep bugs from just flying in through there. And then choose whether you go with a bug zapper inside the porch, or fly traps…

  5. Andrew says:

    I have/had maybe the same problem with my back. I use one of those back support thingies you get at a hardware store for lifting, which helps when I am working. I also have this Velcro belly/back wrap I got from the wife that puts just enough pressure on whatever is wrong to allow it to settle down, usually after 8 hours or so of wearing it. Pinched nerve, pulled muscle, whatever.

    Support your back when doing strenuous things. A good back support will also help you from not moving wrong which causes the problem to flare up.

    You ain’t young anymore. Just saying.

  6. Andrew says:

    Ah, crap. Neck and shoulder pain, not lower back pain. Well, that sucks. But you should still be wearing some support for your lower back

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