Spammers: Take a lesson from this.

Bloggers: Are you tired of unimaginative, ineffective, cookie-cutter spam ads in your inbox? Do you wish somebody would at least look at your damned blog before gracing you with an incoherent block of cut/n/pasted text half-assedly trying to sell you on the idea of turning your baby into a vehicle for somebody else’s product, for somebody else’s profit?

Well, complain no more! I actually got a spam letter this morning that I’m going to favorably respond to! Not because I endorse the product line necessarily – matter of taste, really – but just because somebody gave the appearance of having done a bare minimum of market research: Somebody read the damned blog and saw that the overall flavor fit with what they were trying to do and that I had (favorably!*) mentioned a similar product, and then sent me a pitch. And before my second coffee (and stuck for a morning post) I decided I mildly agreed.

If I get an automated follow-up spam in a week I’ll know that I overestimated whoever runs this business and fell for a spambot with better than normal grammar and market targeting.

Take note, spammers! I’m actually responding to an intrusion with something other than ridicule:

Being older than 16 I’m not really into slogan t-shirts but that’s a matter of taste and not everyone agrees with mine. So if you like that sort of thing check out Libertas Bella and see what you think.

*I have gotten similar pitches for products just like things I *mocked.*

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3 Responses to Spammers: Take a lesson from this.

  1. TK421a says:

    The tee-shirt slogans are cool and I would order a few, but now that I’m a little older my style is more grey-man than anything. With everything going on these days, I’m not one for standing out in the crowd.

  2. Jim Price says:

    I certainly like some of their shirts, but I’m one of those who never advertise or display anything on my shirts. I go so far as to take the little tags off of Carhartt T-shirts.

  3. John says:

    Low profile sort here too. Fun stuff at the site though. The “1984 wasn’t supposed to be an instruction book.” coffee mug is very tempting…

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