Spent the morning shopping!

Yeah, me! In the biggish little town about 35 miles away. Not a big town, but big enough to have a woodlot and a Safeway.

And so now I’ve finally scored some more pressure-treated 2X6s, allowing me to finally finish the porch floor before winter. It’s been not-right since I put it in in May, and so I’ve put off completely screwing everything down all summer. Now I can finally get on the other side of that chore.

Stocked up on distilled water for the batteries a bit, since the local store decided my trade wasn’t important.


I admit this feels a little silly. There’s really no reason to stock up on food going into winter; transport might become a problem for a week in very extreme cases but so what? There’s really no greater chance of being caught without meat in winter than there is in summer. But winter is kind of an excuse, and the local store never carries decent meat of any sort. All I get there is cheap cuts of chicken which is the meat I mostly eat, and I know to rush it home and onto the grill or into the freezer because the local store’s quality control is … lacking. I’ve bought chicken from them only to have it stinking by the time I got it home; I’ve seen green meat you could smell 20 feet away in their reefer. And I don’t get to this Safeway as often as once a year, and it just seemed like a good chance to stock up on pork. So I did, and then packaged it up and stashed it in Ian’s freezer.

And I did it all without my usual tension-bordering-on-panic. If I were going to move to a town, which I’m not, I’d look for a town like this one. I put on a t-shirt without holes and a clean hat, threw a shirt on over the .44, and while D was at his doctor’s appointment I walked around looking just like every other guy. People nod and say hey when they pass you; nobody freaks out at the redneck because they’re all rednecks dressed just the same way. Everybody’s polite, nobody’s pushy or afraid. An armed society is a friendly society.

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10 Responses to Spent the morning shopping!

  1. Dygert says:

    Love the Heinlein quote. Wish I could remember which book it came from, “Lives of Lazarus Long,” , “Door into Summer”, maybe as far back as “Citizen of the Galaxy” or ” Have Spacesuit Will Travel”?

  2. Dygert says:

    Although I remember it as ” a polite society”

  3. Robert says:

    “a t-shirt without holes” Gettin’ fancy, eh?
    I second “polite” vs. “friendly”. Although both at the same time would be nice. Lately, I’ll settle for “sane”.

  4. FDD says:

    Do you have a chest cooler you could put in the back of the jeep/car when you go to the store for meat?
    get some ice with the meat, and it will last longer. works also for mile, cheese, even ice cream.

  5. Im curious about details on your freezer in relation to your off-grid power system. Electric? Propane freezer? Size? How well does it perform?

  6. Joel says:

    Yeah, BB left one of those Styrofoam coolers here in May and I bought just enough meat to fill it. It was still cool when it went into the freezer.

  7. Joel says:

    CZ, I’ve seen 3 propane refrigerators in action and have never been impressed. Possibly in a less dusty environment they’d work better; the ones we used to have here needed frequent service to an orifice that clogged constantly. Possibly altitude is a factor? Even when they worked they didn’t work outstandingly well.

    Ian has a full-size electric fridge, as do most people around here who have full-size solar-powered electrical systems. I could probably run a minifridge if I wanted to since my upgrade, but I’d almost have to construct another outbuilding to house it.

  8. SLee says:

    Thanks for the link: I needed cheering up today. Looking to find a place like that to settle.

  9. I am unclear….so you are saying that the freezer in the picture is not your freezer and you do not have a freezer at the lair? I ask because it is my understanding that refrigeration/freezing is one of the biggest challenges to off grid? So Ian’s cave does have regular grid power? Or…?

  10. Joel says:

    CZ: That’s not my freezer, and I don’t have any refrigeration at the Lair, because traditionally the Lair’s electrical system is comically small. With incremental additions that’s not really true anymore, it’s now only pretty small. I almost certainly could run a small fridge, but I don’t have the room.

    Ian has a much more normally-sized electrical system that handles a standard refrigerator/freezer without problem. Plus he’s never here and doesn’t mind if I use his freezer. Most people around here have bigger everything electrical than I do, and have no trouble running a standard (modern, you know, not ancient juice hog) fridge.

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