Remember when California was the Golden State?

Now it’s Venezuela, Junior Grade.

UPDATE: PG&E Confirms Widespread Power Outage in Santa Clara Co.

…PG&E confirmed Tuesday afternoon that it would turn off the power for nearly 800,000 customers across the state to reduce the risk of sparking wildfires.

…because transmission line maintenance and brush clearing is apparently no longer a thing, and PG&E didn’t enjoy getting sued to its skivvies for burning down Paradise last year, grid power is no longer something customers are entitled to depend upon. Brave new world!

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One Response to Remember when California was the Golden State?

  1. Mike says:

    I suspect the brush clearing issue is the result of some California environmental protection for some insect, tiny reptile or other little critter legislation. And, to clear the brush would destroy habitat resulting in fines to the company. Such is life in the land of the ultra politically correct. I wonder how the Tesla lovers are going to recharge their cars without the evil fossil fueled generators?

    FYI, this is why one should always have a plan B…

To the stake with the heretic!