Standard Weather Irony Rules Apply

So day before yesterday all hell broke loose around here, just as Landlady was about an hour out from her first visit in three weeks. We got her in yesterday morning, with a big adventurous Jeep ride through the Gulch’s back door. She mentioned that people actually pay money to do things like the Gulch’s back door.

It wasn’t a total waste, I guess. There were some visits with freshly-stranded neighbors, some oohing and aahing and photo ops with the main road’s new Gigantic Hole, she got to see the Lair as a two-room cabin and at least the aftermath of the memorable flood that stranded her in town. There were care packages, always welcome. And then it was clouding up and for a person with a job to go to on Monday there was really only one thing to do. We got her and Dharma loaded up and back to her car, parked at the county road, and waved them goodbye till next time.

And the clouds got dark, and it thundered. And it sprinkled a little. And then the afternoon storm said, “Naw. Not feeling it today.”

The desert has a mean sense of humor.

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