Summer’s first hot day

The outdoor temp briefly touched 100o yesterday afternoon. With not much wind, the cabin was stifling. The new porch promptly taught me what I knew all along, that having a sittin’ porch was just going to make me immediately jones for a roof for the sittin’ porch. But it was kinda nice from 7 to dark, when the sun went behind the juniper and things seriously cooled down outside. Takes longer for the indoors to catch up, but the ceiling fans help. Good thing I’ve got enough power to run them when the sun’s not high. 🙂 Day to day, the cabin becomes more houselike.

On the subject of hard hats, behold:

I actually found one gathering dust in the workshop of Landlady’s barn. And I wore it all day Friday while slinging heavy timbers around. As you can see from the one place where I managed to crease it (which, yes, would have been a crease in my head) it is bright pink. Precisely why Landlady owns a bright pink hardhat is a mystery to me – I’ve never seen her wear it. Of course upon borrowing it (without authorization, I confess) I promptly painting it green. But even with roughing up the plastic and a coat of primer, every little scratch will reveal the essential pinkness of its nature.

It worked well, though, and was far more comfortable than expected. I never worked in a field that required them, and the few real hardhats and helmets I ever briefly put on made me want to take them right back off. An industrial hardhat has a great suspension system that sort of clamps itself to your head so you don’t need a chinstrap, but they’re heavy and I guess you just have to get used to them. This is just light plastic: A falling I-beam would sail right through it on its way to your brainstem, but it works fine for carpentry.

I think I’m confirmed in wanting my own. Not pink.

Or, maybe more practically, one of these which I might actually wear regularly. Not sure how much of a hit that would take, but it might be just the thing for the occasional annoying tree branch that sneaks up on me. Since I could actually afford to buy one of those, I’m going to give it a try.

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14 Responses to Summer’s first hot day

  1. Robert says:

    The bright pink makes it easier to find your decapitated head in the field.

    Joel, if you wanna splurge for desert comfort, there’s a setup that clips into a hardhat with a rechargeable battery running a light on front and a fan at the back that feeds air into the helmet via some ducting . Dunno the cost.

  2. bmq215 says:

    Given the profile of that helmet I’m guessing it’s for horseback riding. Might explain the color too…

  3. se says:

    Where I work we are required to wear bump caps in most areas, hard hats only in a few of the cast iron areas. Bump caps are lighter and protect less than hard hats, most of ours are inserts for ball caps/trucker caps.

  4. Ben says:

    When you are alone out in the middle of nowhere, it’s perfectly okay for a guy to wear pink, cuz nobody can see you.

  5. Ben says:

    If you think that your roof job might come pretty quickly, then make a plan before you cut those uprights or make your rail. Why do things twice?

  6. Joel says:

    Yeah, I was doing some research on what’s available in hard hats, thinking “I wish somebody just made a plastic skullcap that would fit inside a ball cap,” and it turned out that’s really a common thing.

  7. Mark Matis says:

    Don’t forget to get one with a beverage holder so you can rehydrate properly:

    So yesterday was the first day this year that a window AC unit would have been desirable?

  8. Joel says:

    😀 You’re not letting that go, are you?

  9. Mark Matis says:

    Just want to see whether it might make any sense. Your battery bank can handle it easily. Your inverter is one of the questions, and I can resolve that if the AC unit is worthwhile. But if you’ve only got a few days where it would be useful, then there’s no sense in spending the $$$. On the other hand, you’re not getting any younger. Your heat tolerance isn’t likely to improve. And the cost isn’t that large if the benefit is there.

    By the same token, this is your first year with your bedroom on the first floor. If you’re able to get a good night’s sleep as a result, then I won’t waste the money.

  10. Phssthpok says:

    If you want a true honest-to-gorsh industrial hard hat, I’ve got THREE of them (two safety orange, one white) just knocking around in my spare room. A previous employer had a house rule to replace the harnesses every year whether they needed it or (as was most often the case) not. Since we live in a throw-away society, it was actually CHEAPER for them to buy complete hardhats every year than just the replacement harness. They even have vents, and provisions for clip on hearing protection ear muffs should you be so inclined.
    As for cooling apparatus, I recall last year you were mucking about with that ice-water/EPS cooler/fan thingummy. I also have a couple of very loose weave 100% cotton ‘rags’ that would be perfect for turning that into a proper ‘swamp cooler’ as I suggested at the time if you’re still playing around with that thing.
    If you still have my email, hit me with your new snail-mail/package delivery address if you’re interested.

  11. Tennessee Budd says:

    I don’t really have a forehead, it’s just a big solar cell, albeit not wired up; many would say that’s true of the entre head. Anyway, about 10 years ago, I wanted a gardening hat to keep the sun off. Being in the sticks, I hied me to the dollar store in the nearest town & got one. Big, floppy straw hat, big brim, should work fine. It happened that all they had was women’s hats, but I figured it’d block the sun off a male head as well, so I bought it & left.
    A source of amusement to my girlfrend, mother, and sundry others was that it had cute little flowers stitched into the front of the crown. Pink flowers.
    My response was that as long as it kept the sun off I didn’t give a shit if had Betty Boop on it, dong the can-can. Still don’t, & it still keeps the sun off. And yes, although a bit faded, the flowers are still there.
    Even I just might draw the line at a pink hard hat, though.

  12. Ruth says:

    Landlady wouldn’t by any chance have known a teenager who went on a summer trip with Teen Missions International would she? They were (and for all I know still are) handing pink hard hats to all their teen workers for a while (to the utter disgust of alot of those teens who really wanted any color other than pink).

  13. Joel says:

    Don’t know. That sounds unlikely, but it’s not completely impossible.

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