Swapping AKs again…

For several years I’ve been using a WASR-10 that belongs to Ian instead of my own World’s Ugliest Gun (WUG.) Thanks to the lens implants in my eyes my long vision is better than it’s ever been but my short vision is basically gone – to the point where iron sights are useless to me. I originally borrowed the WASR because it has an Ultimak rail where the upper handguard is supposed to be. A Generous Reader sent me a long eye relief scope, and this resulted in what I like to imagine is the most peculiar-looking functional AK on the North American continent…

It actually worked pretty well for me, though perhaps a little clumsy and muzzle-heavy. I used it that way for a couple of years.

Then Ian got a Russian red dot that would only work with the WASR’s side mount. I tried it and really liked it a lot!

It’s the only time I ever used a red dot on a long gun, and this became the Lair’s official wall gun. Got a couple of troublesome varmints with it, too.

But Ian’s trying to run a business, and recently he told me he needs his sight back. It was time to pull up my big boy pants and actually get a red dot and rail for the WUG. Those should be arriving this coming weekend, but in the meantime I needed to swap furniture on the two rifles. Due to an old injury I can’t really bend my left wrist very well, which gives me trouble carrying a rifle on a hunt for any length of time. That’s why I really like that vertical grip front handguard. I put it on the WASR years ago but now I wanted it back. That would have been a very simple proposition except for that Ultimak rail, which fastens very firmly to the barrel and complicates matters. Ended up having to strip the WASR right down and though I’ve put the operation off, yesterday’s Day Without Internet was the perfect time…

Taking the straight handguard off the WUG was much simpler. Got them both back together, and now the WUG is back to being the Lair’s official wall gun. Except soon I hope it’ll have its own red dot.


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5 Responses to Swapping AKs again…

  1. Mike says:

    LER scopes on long guns are great, I have one on my Ruger Scout. It’s a 4X fixed power Simmons that works real well no matter the crap I do to it. As for red dot sights I must admit to having a little bias against them but if they work for you the run with it.

    My bias stems from an incident a few years ago when a big cat got out of his enclosure and was roaming the hall at work. The cat, a Siberian, was cornered and one of the vets was going to go in and trank it with a dart. I, being the safety guy, had a 30-06 with a red dot on it and was standing by in case things got ugly. Just before the vet was going to venture in I put a round in the chamber and turned on the red dot. The red dot didn’t work. I quickly took it off with my leatherman and we were back in business because the rifle had back up iron sights. In the end everything turned out OK because the cat didn’t mind getting darted but the experience with the red dot left a bad taste.

    Don’t get me wrong, red dot sights are a wonderful thing but they are just not for me. I’m just glad you found something that works.

  2. Joel says:

    Oh, I very agree. My big problem with any electric optic for years and years was that it was electric and therefore a new easy fail point. Just when you need it, of course. Can’t say I ever pointed a rifle at a Siberian Tiger, but that would be the moment I can imagine the optic failing.

    One of the nice things about that Russian thing is that it uses AA alkaline batteries, cheap and easy to swap out. And since I do the maintenance, they got swapped annually whether I’d been using the sight or not.

  3. Mike says:

    The nice thing about Russian optics, like the other things they make for the firearms industry, is that they are built simple and very, very tough.

  4. anonymous says:

    Is that red dot sight a Kobra ? I believe they came in a Ultimak friendly mount if it was and you were wanting to match it. Don’t recall the battery size.

  5. Joel says:

    Yeah, it’s a Kobra. Comes in a very third-worldish case with lots of Cyrillic characters.

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