You know that look your dog gets, about half an hour before dinner time?

😉 Yeah, that look. That’s the look I probably had on my own face yesterday afternoon when it finally sank in that there would be no more Internet for me until whatever capricious and enigmatic thing that had happened, unhappened.

I’ve been using this iPhone Landlady gave me as my hotspot and only connection to the outer world since September. Most of the time it works fine. Every evening the connection slows down and gets wonky, it’s almost always perfectly fine early morning and during the day. But yesterday afternoon around one it just completely lost connection.

Long-time readers know that this is far from the first time I’ve had troubles like this. But it’s been a long time, and for a short time I was bereft. Then I relaxed and went off to do something else for a while.

But I wondered about the nature of the problem. The laptop connected to the hotspot with no problem. But the signal strength indicator on the phone firmly read “No Service.” Perhaps Mormon terrorists had dynamited the one-and-only cell tower in one of their Return to Nature spasms? Probably not. That tower is located in a town where “The Internet is down” is actually a phrase. It really was time to just relax to the inevitable. For this, I have no Plan B and really can’t imagine what Plan B would look like. I’m done with satellite dishes, that’s for sure.

I even brought the iPhone up to the top of the ridge, to give LB his evening walky and check the level in the water tank. While at the top of the ladder…

…which was as high as I could go without traveling miles to the top of a mesa, I took off my gloves, pulled the phone out from under the layers, and checked to see if there was any signal. And there was! But it was unusably weak even there. Down in my hollow the phone could find no signal at all.

The good news is I’ve been really frustrated for weeks by the fact that I own a Barbara Tuchman book I’ve never read but couldn’t read it, because it seems that after the flu mental acuity and attention span are the last things to return. But yesterday I could really get into it. Sometimes between seven and nine in the evening the signal returned strong, but I didn’t care anymore. I got halfway through the book last night. 🙂

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2 Responses to You know that look your dog gets, about half an hour before dinner time?

  1. Kentucky says:

    Refresh our memories. How did the water tank get there? Who furnished it? Whatever other details we might find interesting.

  2. Joel says:

    Ian paid big bux to get a well drilled back in 2008, if I’m remembering correctly. Then in summer 2009, in addition to all the other very labor intensive things we did, we built a wellhouse, put in the pump and solar power, made a bed for a water tank, dug hundreds of yards of trench for pipe, plumbed stuff, buried hundreds of yards of pipe…

    The warm part of 2009 was a busy season. I can’t find a post that mentions just when we mounted the tank, but we did right in that period somewhere.

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