Technically it’s not a luxury item, it’s just a more upscale tool.

I got care packages today! A generous contributor sent me an email a few weeks ago saying that in cleaning out his reloading shack recently he came upon some .44 Special components he didn’t need, and today they found their way to me. Also I got two packages from my older brother: Flush from the success of the packaged 12-volt lighting system he sent me in November, he spent some fairly major bucks on two 12-volt LED bulbs to replace the CFLs that haven’t even had time to get dusty. Then before I could even get that care package he followed up with another full of luxury snacks, coffee and Spam. So both those arrived at the same time, and there was much rejoicing.

And Landlady brought up coffee and dog food, always welcome, and there was one more care package from…me.

I wasn’t very bad.

See, I was nearly out of yeast, which is really stupid considering I stock enough flour, sugar, salt, and oil for a year and grow my own egg machines, and then I’d let myself get down to two weeks’ worth of yeast. And nobody around here sells yeast in 2-pound packs. I mean nobody. It makes me question my own theories about the eating habits of very poor people.

That meant I had to go on-line. Which is, as previously mentioned, dangerous.

It followed me home, ma…
4197XKyjJQLLook, I wasn’t very bad. I’ve had my old ones since ’07 and they’re falling apart. Only one side even works. I could have bought another cheap pair but the Peltors were only about $20 more, so…

ETA: Guys, check out this 12-volt LED.
100_4619Comes right on, doesn’t need a warm-up. It’s a nice bluish light, a little dimmer than the CFL but easier on the eyes. Don’t know that I’d choose to read by it, but that’s not really what this lamp is for. And it draws a lot less juice, which is good because the whole idea of a 12-volt alternate lighting circuit is for times when juice is so lean you don’t even want to run your inverter.

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4 Responses to Technically it’s not a luxury item, it’s just a more upscale tool.

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    I had a good set of Peltors and wore them good and hard over the last nine years. I replaced them last fall with Howard Leight R-01526 Impact Sport Electronic Earmuff, about the same price, and like them even better.

    I hung the old ones, still usable, downstairs by the shotgun. If I have time, and think of it, I’ll put them on if there is ever a hint I’ll need to shoot down there. The very thought of firing any gun down there without protection makes my hair stand on end. I don’t hear well now, and that would just about cook the goose. The new ones stay in the range bag, of course. Otherwise, I’d get out there half the time without them. sigh

    Sometimes I think I need a keeper. LOL

  2. MJR says:

    Ear muffs are certainly not a luxury I can attest to that. While on Her Majesties Service back in the seventies (infantry) we were not issued hearing protection, Being the young full of fire guys we were we didn’t worry about it. Now years later I have a little more hearing loss that the average. These days I don’t even cut the lawn or snow blow without muffs on.

    @ MammaLiberty… Good call, firing anything high powered in an enclosed space is nasty not to mention disorientating.

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    Indeed, MJR! I’ve been unprotected out on the range a few times, and once the indoor range, when someone fired a shot without being sure everyone had their “ears” on… and it was not a nice experience. I was quite close to the one indoors and can’t ever remember coming closer to slugging a student. sigh He was sent away from the class, but that didn’t give my hearing back.

    Hoping I’d have time/presence of mind to put them on if I ever suffer a home invasion. Between the reinforced door and the dog, I just might have the time. There are five guns down there I could pick up in a moment, and ten more in the safe… I drill myself in this, as well as other things in my dry fire sessions in order not to become confused about which one to take up in an emergency. At this point it’s the shotgun. And I have added putting on the ear muffs to the practice sessions. So far, I’m remembering it perfectly. LOL

  4. Robert says:

    ML: Could you expand on why you prefer the Howard Leights over the Peltors?

    And yeah, ear pro during a woken-from-sleep encounter is a concern for me, too. I’m pretty sure my still-asleep brain will get my still-asleep hand to its proper place with a decent grip. Not so sure about the complicated movements of donning ear pro, though.

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