The Bumpy Road isn’t my favorite place…

But sometimes it makes the most sense.

There are two ways to get over the plateau; the long easy way and the short, steep, rocky way. Normally I choose the long way. The Jeep’s aftermarket tweaks rate it for rock climbing, and when it was young it would have handled a few little bumps like this with a superior sneer. But it’s not young, and lately this road has been its nemesis. But up is easier on the suspension than down, and I’ve done a lot of work on it since last time, and I couldn’t be late.

I went up to get paid for this week’s back-and-forth gig and I thought I had scheduled enough time to do the chickens, drop off my laundry, and also take the long way around to get up the plateau to meet T&S. But I was wrong, and then I had to make a choice between take the long way and be late or take the bumpy way and be a little early. I’m a little neurotic about timeliness, so Torso Boy and I took the shake’n’bake route.

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8 Responses to The Bumpy Road isn’t my favorite place…

  1. Holy crap! Looks way more than “bumpy”. Hope you’ll report in when you’re safely back at the Lair, not on foot.

  2. Joel says:

    Oh, I’m back. All’s well.

  3. Mike says:

    Looking at the photo, I can see why this isn’t your favorite route. It sure does look nasty.

  4. Eric says:

    Looks like every paved road here in my city. 🙂
    Hey CO Hermit are you enjoying the snow, staying warm I hope?

  5. Hi Eric. Yes, enjoying the snow. Just enough to feel good, but not enough to be overwhelming. Got a pot roast slow cooking and all’s well. How abut you?

  6. bill says:

    Joel said: “I’m a little neurotic about timeliness……….”

    I can be a bit neurotic about time as well probably due to my working in the medical field for almost 50 years. But since I started living in the East TX woods I try to remind myself of the old expression (from south of the border) “Manana is the only woman for me” and slow down. Driving 70 mph only saves a couple of minutes compared to driving 55 mph and unless there is an emergency….I try to take my cues from my old dog. HA!

  7. What’s up with the TJ’s suspension?

  8. Joel says:

    It’s just old (2001) and has spent all of the past 11+ years off pavement. Last year it broke an axle strut mount and a shock absorber. This year it got a new front axle track bar and expensive extended shocks.

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