The Douchebag Strikes Back

You’ve probably seen this…


Have you seen this?

No more Mr. Nice Guy. gangster-emoticon_18-9936

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6 Responses to The Douchebag Strikes Back

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    Would be fun to see a dozen or so folks enter there with OPEN CARRY pistols on their belt.

    Well… the sign says “concealed weapons.” Not a word about OC. Snark… that would get his knickers in a wad, I’ll bet.

  2. Been called worse by better… Kicked outa’ better places than this… etc.

    Last bar I used to spend any time in had a large sign up that read “We don’t call 911″. It didn’t bother me one bit that it was likely that anyone inside there was probably armed. Having been in a wide range of establishment that sold alcohol and environment – I’ve met better mannered people in the roughest of joints. Sports bars and private clubs seem the worst.

    “The universal practice of carrying arms in the South is undoubtedly the cause of occasional loss of life, and is much to be regretted. On the other hand, this custom renders altercations and quarrels of very rare occurrence, for people are naturally careful what they say when a bullet may be the probable result.”
    LtC Sir Arthur James Lyon Fremantle, HM Coldstream Guards, 24 May 1863

  3. says:

    Nothing but bad reviews. This pub probably won’t be in business long.

  4. MJR says:

    One of the things that I have had to do as an employee of a large tourist attraction was take customer service training. There used to be an adage that stated something like “a satisfied customer will tell three people about your business, a dissatisfied customer will tell ten.” That was called the one to ten rule. These days with the internet, the voice of the angry customer has been dramatically amplified so I would suspect that this fool will not be in business that long.

    BTW I think it would be… interesting if what MamaLiberty wrote came to pass. ;^)

  5. Matt says:

    When AZ originally went with CCW licenses some of the local businesses posted such signs, albeit without the libel against potential customers. The locals whether they carried or not, just quietly stopped patronizing. Signs generally came down in less than a week. Nobody wanted to take the loss in income. One corporation owned business required a call to their national headquarters. The manager was replaced because the sign went against company policy.

  6. GunRights4US says:

    If the most recent comment posted there is to be believed, the proprietor has paid Yelp to delete all the nasty comments. That there are only 11 comments there this morning would seem to indicate that some sort of cleanup has been done, because when I was there yesterday there were hundreds of one-star comments. Way to go Yelp! You shot yourself in the foot with that one!

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