Yeah, sometimes preppers do weird shit. So?

You wanna freak a dog right the hell out? When he whines to be let in, come to the door wearing one of these.


No, I wasn’t (just) playing Doomsday Prepper. For reasons lost in the foggy mists of time, I own two full-face respirators. Because that sounds a little less freaky than “gas mask.” As I recall, the reason I own two is that I bought a good one online without ascertaining if I could wear it with glasses. Turned out I couldn’t, and I never got around to buying a prescription insert. So when the opportunity presented I just got another, not as nice, that would accommodate specs.

Regular readers know I’m paranoid about fire in the Secret Lair. So I’ve always kept the mask I could actually wear ready in a bag in the loft, in case I woke up to a cabin full of smoke. It would take me time to get my leg on and my creaky self down the ladder, and I’d like a chance to remain conscious while that happens. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

My neighbor GC Guy has a whole bunch of big Rolls Surrette batteries in a very tiny powershed. Sunday he was equalizing the batteries, and so filled that little powershed with fumes that he hasn’t felt quite right since. On hearing the story, I thought about this extra mask. Then it suddenly occurred to me that since I got my eyeballs sculpted I can actually get around pretty well without glasses as long as you don’t ask me to read anything. So I could switch to the mask I actually paid serious money for. If, you know, I wanted to.

Happens that mask has just been decor on a bookshelf for the past couple of years, so it was really dusty. Cleaned it off, spun my only good canister filter onto it, and was just playing with it adjusting the straps when Ghost wanted in.

That is, he wanted in until I opened the door. Then suddenly he wasn’t so sure…

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3 Responses to Yeah, sometimes preppers do weird shit. So?

  1. Robert Evans says:

    I seem to recall from Navy NBC training that gas masks aren’t effective against smoke, which is why the Navy uses OBA’s (Oxygen Breathing Apparatus) when fighting fires, not gas masks. Are you sure you’re not possibly endangering your life thinking a gas mask will save you from smoke inhalation in the case of a fire?

  2. Joel says:

    It’s what I’ve got. SCUBA gear would just slow me down.

  3. Keith says:

    For fires, you need a mining style self rescuer, the traditional ones contain alkalis to scrub CO2 out and catalysts to destroy CO. they’re really compact, about 4″ square by about 6″ long in their case, you can check whether they are still good just by weighing them

    The larger and more elaborate ones have an oxygen cylinder, some giving over an hour’s supply. Their usefulness is where there is insufficient oxygen left in the air for it to sustain you, once the toxic stuff is taken out

    I used to have a few of the simple ones that I was given at the time the Tory party was closing down the British coal mines in the ’80s and ’90s, to destroy the miners unions. They were just throwing things like cap lamps, chargers and self rescuers into the skip.

    Times move on, I now occasionally get LED miners cap lamps, as the German greens are closing their coal mines to meet Kyoto targets…

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