The Law of the Desert

I just made it up, and it’s very profound. Ready? Take notes.

No matter where you pile stuff, it’ll be the wrong place.

100_0145The corollary is that you can save loads on exercise equipment, because you’ll get your reps free just from moving big piles of stuff from here to over there.

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4 Responses to The Law of the Desert

  1. R says:

    I’d take that pile over a ripening cow carcass.

  2. MJR says:

    I hate to tell you Joel but this rule covers any situation where you build a stuff pile, anywhere. Plus the problem with the stuff pile will always be compounded if you are married. After you have piled something up there will always be the inevitable “what were you thinking when you put that there?” question. I’ve found the only way out of this is to take the stuff to the dump in the first place. Sigh…

  3. John says:

    But MJR, this isn’t just stuff stuff!
    You don’t want to be taking fuel to the dump!

    And yeah, Isn’t getting the thought of a work out machine just the universe saying to you that you’re doing it wrong?

  4. billf says:

    ” I pick things up and put them down ” quote from some guy in a movie

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