The return of Monsoon

Oh, we’re finally getting “that” thunderstorm, even as I type this. Sheeting rain, super close lightning and blasting thunder. The gullies are rising all around the Lair: over half an inch measured in less than half an hour. Tobie is having a Anatolian-style meltdown.

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3 Responses to The return of Monsoon

  1. Out of curiousity, what is the feasibility of rainwater collection for your situation? Youve mentioned that the groundwater, which seems surprisingly abundant, is basically liquid rock…would not the softer rainwater be ideal for consumption?

  2. Joel says:

    Most Monsoons I could fill several barrels with rainwater, sure. I have neighbors that do that – but they use the water for irrigation, not drinking. Maybe it’s different if the barrels are sealed – and if you can ensure that they stay sealed, which I don’t know how you do that when they’re connected to gutters – but when they’re not the water quickly becomes foul.

  3. boynsea says:

    Commander: catching the rains from the roofs is common in the Bahamas (and others) but you have to deal with the bird crap and other contaminants. Bleach injectors after the mains pump is not uncommon but messy and the settings are delicate. But it can be done.

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