There goes the earth berm…

Under the bridge to the woodshed that crosses the drainage ditch for the gulley behind the Lair, I lay down a couple of drainpipes and then cover them with a berm of dirt recovered from the many times I’ve had to dig out the ditch. I do that to support the sewer pipe, which unfortunately has to cross the ditch at that point. If I leave the pipe unsupported for lengthy periods of time it fatigues and breaks, with the resulting mess you’d expect.

So for most of the year the ditch can only drain through those two pipes, which is more than enough – until the first time the gulley really flows during Monsoon. Then it’s important for the welfare of the Lair that the ditch be able to flow unimpeded by any berm. It worried me at first – until I realized that the gulley was perfectly capable of dealing with the issue itself before overflow could approach the cabin…

If it’s anything like last time I’ll find those pipes halfway down the driveway this evening.

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2 Responses to There goes the earth berm…

  1. Nate says:

    Would a large diameter pipe in the gully both support the sewer pipe and provide enough flow capacity for the gully during monsoon?

  2. Mike says:

    Heads up Joel. It looks like you are going to experience the edge of Hurricane Hilary. It’s intensifying into a major storm and is expected to drench California, Nevada, and Arizona with dangerous flooding this weekend into next week.

    As per the weathertainers at the National Hurricane Center.

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