The things I miss when I’m not near my ‘pooter…

Screen-Shot-2014-11-30-at-6.18.37-PM-540x218So a few days ago I saw an item on a sidebar somewhere about a “black stormtrooper controversy.”

And I was all like…
…because I couldn’t decide if the racial outrage clique would be upset that there was a black stormtrooper, or that there was only one. Y’know? It could go either way.

But I got distracted by a squirrel or something shiny and didn’t click on the link. I remember resolving to do so if I ever saw the link again, because damn.

And now, some days later, it turns out there was … sort of … a black stormtrooper controversy. Except that there wasn’t. Or something. Or so it says here.

What we have here is a prime example of a fascinating Internet phenomenon: the preemptive denunciation of a controversy that doesn’t exist.

So that was worth getting my full power back, just to learn that. I think.

But as with all such things, what’s really funny is that it seemed perfectly plausible to me that somebody would be outraged over something having to do with the black stormtrooper. Assuming, you know, that he’s actually a stormtrooper and not this episode’s take on Luke Skywalker. Which in turn would probably outrage somebody, because Luke was kind of a schlemiel.

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6 Responses to The things I miss when I’m not near my ‘pooter…

  1. Bear says:

    If he is a stormtrooper, I’m a little confused. I thought they were all clones of that Fett mercenary guy… who certainly appeared caucasian in whatever movie that was (sorry; not a Star Wars superfan). They’d have to retcon a bit. I’m pretty sure “diversity” was not a factor in establishing the stormtrooper program.

  2. Ano says:

    Well Bear my son who, given the amount of time and my cash he has invested in Star Wars over the years, informs me that they were all clones up until the end of episode 3 but after the jedi were defeated they recruited from all over the empire. Still the trailer doesn’t actually say he was a Trooper just happens to be wearing the uniform.
    The actor who played Fett btw was a Maori guy from NZ.

  3. Tam says:

    Everybody knows that Billy Dee Williams is the only black dude in outer space. :rolleyes:

    Do you know where I can get a hermiting application, Joel? I’m beginning to think that’s an appealing gig.

  4. Joel says:

    You can apply for an apprentice ticket at the hermit union hall, Tam, but you should hurry. Things were crowded last I was there, all the good caves are taken, and nepotism is becoming an issue.

  5. Ben says:

    “Do you know where I can get a hermiting application, Joel?”

    Surely there is a difficult hermit board exam, but I’m not sure if you are supposed to pass it or fail it to successfully be considered for certification.

  6. Tennessee Budd says:

    No, Tam, there’s Jubal Early out there somewhere, although I suspect his air supply may be getting interesting. OTOH, how do the timelines fit together? Between a long time ago & hundreds of years from now, & in fiction to boot–well, throw in a little Pratchett-style monkeying (oops, I meant aping) with things, and BDW may be Jubal’s 10-to-the-x uncle or something.
    I’m hermiting (hermitting?) along w/o benefit of paperwork, but I figure that’s the first qualification.

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