This is the morning you prep for.

Storm passed sometime late yesterday. It wasn’t much of a storm but there was lots of wind and the outdoor temp never got above freezing. Not even Rhode Island Reds wanted out in it. Then of course the clouds cleared at dusk and it got cold.

Not record cold, not by 30 degrees, but plenty cold. Low teens at the pickup, probably single digits in the open. Cold enough that the snow squeaks and pops under your boots, and your nostrils freeze.

In Michigan I thought nothing of nights like that except how much of a hassle it would be to scrape off the windshield. The only thing that changed was that I might pop out to the driveway to let the car warm up while I brewed a second cup. Say what you will about Michigan, people have been living through winters there for a long time and they know how to build houses. Your gas bills go up in winter, but your toes won’t turn black.

Hope you possess those construction skills when you build your own place out away from the grid. I did not. It took a long time to get here, with many a false step and many a cold night along the way. And I don’t promise there will ever come a time when I grow so blasé about the Secret Lair’s incremental improvements that I don’t get almost misty-eyed about them on mornings like this.

Slept like a baby. 🙂

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5 Responses to This is the morning you prep for.

  1. Mike says:

    You certainty have come a long way from when I started reading the blog. The “I don’t quit because I’m tired, I quit when I’m finished” mindset has served you well over the years. I’m glad to see that you aren’t letting your guard down, you and I both know that’s when something will come out of left field and smack you in the chops. BTW if the transition from when you arrived in the big lonesome had been smooth and effortless, then you would have had nothing to write about.

    We have a muted version of the weather you went through yesterday going on with the weathertainers all in a frenzy about various warnings and watches. Well not exactly the same, it’s bad weather nevertheless. It’s cold out, a damp freezing rain, windy, will change to snow at any second, kind of cold that I’m not very fond of. Like you I’m able to stay home and cocoon in the warm by a nice fire.

  2. Tennessee Budd says:

    Joel, I’m sorry to hear that. Babies usually awake screaming & covered in their own shit.Terrible way to sleep.
    Seriously, glad the incremental improvements have added up to comfort.

  3. I’m glad you didn’t freeze to death. We’ve been having our issues with low temperatures here in the Smoky Mountains, and it’s not a lot of fun. It’s warmer here now, maybe it will let up some out there as well.

  4. coloradohermit says:

    Even here in Colorado we’re FINALLY getting a touch of winter. We have 9″ of desperately needed snow and the high today was 28 after an overnight low of 6*. Overnight lows for the rest of the week are forecast to range fro 2* to 11*. Beats the heck out of red flag fire warnings and burn bans.

  5. Edward says:

    Just to make you feel better, 52F in SW Michigan today, 3 days above freezing – whoo hoo! Then it goes back to below freezing for a week or so… glimmers of spring tho’, snow almost all melted in the 3 days, new on way and we are running about 22 inches above normal precip so far.

    Toss a tarp over the jeep and you won’t have to scrape (much)…

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