TUAK gets a big hardware upgrade!

An extremely generous reader, quite out of the blue, asked, “Could you use a better camera?”

Olympus E-620, the only DSLR I’ve ever even seen up close let alone owned. With three lenses and a nice case to boot. I am in heaven.

Once upon a time I had a nice hobby in film photography. I wasn’t any good but I had fun. Then just about the time my life was completely falling apart in California, somebody decided to put a cherry on top by breaking a window out of my truck and stealing every bit of kit I owned. That was, as it happens, almost exactly 20 years ago.

Obviously the hobby wouldn’t have lasted much longer anyway, because camera film abruptly went the way of the buggy whip and DSLRs were hopelessly out of my laughable budget which didn’t always allow for a roof over my head let alone toys. Hell, I couldn’t afford film processing. But still, that stung.

Generous TUAK readers have donated point’n’shoot cameras at different times over the years, which is how the blog gradually became photocentric, but the dusty living conditions of the first several years turned out to be hell on autozoom mechanisms. Then the smartphone came along and that solved all problems in a utilitarian sort of way.

But I’ve often thought lately it would be kind of nice to get back into photography, were it only possible. This is really a very photogenic place, for certain tastes like my own. And with this rig I can give it a try! I’m very excited.

Of course…

…a certain learning curve will be involved. Winter project!

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5 Responses to TUAK gets a big hardware upgrade!

  1. Terrapod says:

    That is a very well framed picture of Toby. For half a second I thought you had put a tanker’s helmet on him, he has very regular features and markings in that shot. A great start to a new career, maybe?! Heck, put that mug on a coffee mug and sell it.

  2. boynsea says:

    Yep, I sort of lament the loss of film cameras, having a very expensive underwater camera from years ago that uses 35mm film. But then again, I quit diving after realizing that after I got all the gear on, I was too tired to dive!
    But I do have stacks of photos from that era.
    Looking forward to your photos. Bracket your shots!


  3. bravokilo says:

    Good news. I must have over a hundred of your pictures in my wallpaper auto-rotator device. It would be hundred(s) if not for the smartphone days.
    God Bless you, Joel.

  4. anonymous says:

    That camera may have a protective environment you can buy to keep it in when you are taking pictures outdoors that will prevent sand and grit and dust from getting in the camera and causing a camera cleaning bill. Maybe a reader has something no longer needed to donate.

  5. Claire says:

    Princely gift!

    And at least in that photo of Tobie his eyes aren’t glaring red like a pair of demon-possessed stoplights. So you can say that for yourself.

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