Uncle Joel’s finger makes it into the movies…

…at the trigger of a very cool (because Browning) but altogether rather odd old shotgun.

Can’t say I noticed at the time, but in slow-mo it’s clear the gun doesn’t start to recoil until the barrel is all the way to the end of its travel. I wonder if that would have an effect on accuracy, since the shot column would have left the barrel by the time the buttstock starts beating on your shoulder?

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4 Responses to Uncle Joel’s finger makes it into the movies…

  1. Anonymous says:

    My dad owns a half dozen of those model 11s, he really loves em. Same gun as the browning auto 5, but price a lot more reasonably.

    No idea on the affect on accuracy, but I always like it as a fun toy.

    I have the rifle version, the model 8 (mines in 30 rem http://abnormal-pov.blogspot.com/2011/09/out-of-gun-safe-its-sorta-like-30-30.html )

    In this case the barrel slides back inside a shroud. the shroud houses the sites, so they dont move on recoil, but the barrel itself does.

    Whole thing is take down too, for easy storage/transport. First semi auto sporting rifle sold to the general public.

  2. Bibamufu says:

    I have a Remington model 11, it was originally my dads gun, I have owned it for almost 40 years. Great old gun. It shoots better than I do…

  3. Goober says:

    The shot column is always clear of the barrel way before you feel any recoil, regardless of the gun, regardless of the action.

    The shot is so much lighter than the shotgun, that the shot’s reaction to the whole “equal and opposite” is quite a bit more speedy.

    It’s actually quite shocking to watch, say, an auto handgun on slow-mo, and how much time elapses between the bullet leaving the barrel, and any sign of movement in the action.

  4. Chris says:

    I happen to have both the Model 11 in 16ga (was my grandfather’s) and a Model 8 in .35 Remington (was my great grandfather’s )…. The 11 is a sweet shooter, the 8 not so much due to extreme drop in the in the stock, but no deer took more than 2 steps after being hit through the chest.

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