Well done, ladies…

The leghorns are already laying enough eggs to be becoming a bit of a problem, and the size and shell quality are improving daily.

I’m hoping to get out and around a bit more today…

All that snow from 3 weeks ago is long gone and most of the mud has dried. That’s the one single good thing about heavy wind in winter: It does seem to suck up moisture that otherwise doesn’t have anywhere else to go but mud and frost and back to mud.

I dug up the water tank manifold a few days ago and today I hope to get that busted valve off without damage – or at least without unrepairable damage – to the manifold. If that goes well I should be able to get a replacement sometime between tomorrow and Monday, depending on when I can catch a ride to town. Normally I do not look forward to a chance to do plumbing repair, as it is not on any list of my favorite things no matter how inclusive the list. But I also don’t recall cabin fever being a real problem the way it has in the past month. And the weather has not been very cooperative. I mean I can lay on frozen dirt in a gale to fix a serious plumbing issue, but I can also die alone of pneumonia. The past couple of years have been busy teaching me my new limitations and it hasn’t been a cheerful lesson. On the other hand, when I was young and strong I could always find excuses to put off fixing busted plumbing so maybe it’s just me. But today the temp is supposed to get up near 50 and the wind is supposed to stay calm, and as you can see it’s a lovely sunny morning so not much excuse for getting out and fixing some damage.

Anyway, posting has been light lately because I’m either sitting around not doing anything and not feeling like writing about it, or out doing stuff during brief windows of good weather and so unavailable for writing. I hope this afternoon will be one of those second things.

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