Well, it’s a start.

I dipped into my window trim lumber to trim around the back door, but even if I hadn’t there wouldn’t have been quite enough to trim the front bedroom window.

So I got the back door, side bedroom window and front cabin window trimmed, and then effectively ran out of lumber. Crap. I thought I’d measured more effectively than that. Also ended up using the 1X4 I bought for mounting the bedroom sliding door, but I can make up for that when we buy interior trim. I really hoped to get the window trim up and caulked, and now I can’t.

Disappointed in myself. But hey, I got something done.

ETA: ilo, have I mentioned lately how much I appreciate that little generator?

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3 Responses to Well, it’s a start.

  1. Eric says:

    Looking good brother. I wish I had your patients and skill with words.

  2. Kentucky says:

    Totally off-topic . . .

    What’s the rattle can with the Day-Glo orange cap? Seems to be in every pic of the front porch.

  3. Joel says:

    It’s just a homeless can of paint, with a sad story.

    It used to live in the big ammo can next to the rack of metallic targets. I “borrowed” it to mark locations for the addition piers, didn’t put it back, and so it survived the Great Flood of July which swept that ammo can off to parts unknown.

    I keep meaning to clean off that ledge, really.

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