Trying to get the motor running…

I go through this every Spring.

Aside from inescapable quotidian chores that keep the lights on and the water running and the chickens (and dogs, and hermit) alive, Winter is mostly a time of sloth. My accepted leisure activities are reading books, screwing around on the Internet, and bitching about winter. Maximum Permissible Sloth is pretty much the rule through the whole cold season. And to be honest, I like it that way.

Then Spring comes. The sun is warm, the breeze is soft, I don’t have to bundle up like a frickin’ Eskimo and I’m really kind of tired of the reading chair. But it takes a few weeks to get the wheels rolling again.

The tasks for this warm season aren’t as scary as last year. There’s really nothing essential on the docket at all. Paint. Trim. The bedroom door. Some electrical improvements. Some concrete. More frickin’ paint. I don’t have last year’s budget, either, so a lot of it will need to happen as money permits. Some of the painting will go a gallon at a time. And that’s okay, because the injury I took in October 2016 has healed better than I feared it would and continues to improve, and I’d like to take more time this summer to shoot the roses. Maybe reclaim the reloading shack from the packrats. Hike the canyons a bit.

But first I have to get the work started, and for the past couple of days I’ve just sort of been spinning my wheels…


This morning I was determined to make a better start. I went out early and got the generator and chop saw out of the powershed…

…realized I’d left my good short extension cord at Ian’s place. That’s okay, LB and I will just take the morning walkie in that direction. Went inside to cook breakfast (Spammo Classico) and while LB and I were enjoying that I happened upon this video, which seemed very appropriate to the morning’s musings…

…and I enjoyed it a lot. Maybe you will.

Anyway – breakfast is done and it’s walky time. Later.

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4 Responses to Trying to get the motor running…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Guy does nice work. Convenient that he has every power tool known to man.


  2. Joel says:

    Well, yeah, he’s apparently a pro. I’ve spent half my working morning so far just looking for my damned square.

  3. That was great. He’s got a whole channel of YouTube videos. I see where my next 30 or 40 hours of free time are going…

  4. That video guy must not have watched people working hard and dumb. (I include myself in that demographic.)
    I am always VERY impressed when I see people working smarter rather than harder, because harder usually means you’re doing it wrong. Plus, there’s nothing magical and noble about doing things the hard way just for the sake of doing “work”. Working smarter often means you can get more work done– and do it right.
    So, yeah, I’ll take working smarter no matter his opinion on the matter.

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