Well, it’s going to have to get better than this…

Yesterday I casually said it wasn’t even cold enough to freeze the chicken water, and then I went out into the cold wet wind to meet a propane guy at a neighbor’s place. Two hours later I lurched back into the Lair frozen to the bone and desperate to get the fire going again.

This morning…well, at least so far the wind hasn’t come up.

Other than that it’s doing the same thing. And it’s after nine in the morning and the fire’s still going, because we have no sun and no apparent hope of sun. We got another dusting of snow overnight but other than that we haven’t had anything useful come of all these damned clouds. Didn’t get very cold overnight but that doesn’t mean you can’t work up a good chill if the wind comes up. Just generally miserable.

Which I guess, this being midwinter, is perfectly appropriate. We’ve had weeks of cold but clear – a few days of gloomy and moist shouldn’t come as a surprise.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    How are the new people doing in this cold

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