We’re supposed to get some sun today, so that’s good…

The storm has passed. They got more snow in town than we did in the hills, and during yesterday’s morning water run it was funny to watch equipment operators doing donuts in front-end loaders, struggling with an unfamiliar task a Michigan operator could almost literally do in his sleep…

…trying to get the roads clearish and keep the fender-benders to a minimum.

It was cloudy most of yesterday, though we got very little additional snow. Then overnight…

…the sky cleared completely, which always means…

…it’s like living in a deep freeze. Though to be honest it never got as cold as we deserved – the sun hasn’t come up so the temp is still falling but so far it’s only 8.8o. So not that bad.

Yeah, I’m burning wood and propane like there’s no tomorrow, which wounds my inner skinflint. But I’m (barely) mature enough to shrug and say that’s what they’re for, and be happy I have them. I still remember not so long ago, when a morning like this was a genuine trial. Sitting here comfortably in a flannel shirt and longies would have been an alien act as little as five years ago.

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5 Responses to We’re supposed to get some sun today, so that’s good…

  1. paulb says:

    You must live in the high desert. Do not expect you to writing about snow. We got a foot around here.

  2. MN Steel says:

    Went for a 3-hour hike in a foot of snow yesterday, not enough for snowshoes, got all the way up to 10°.

    This morning was -19°, clear skies, not quite cold enough to pop trees.

  3. Mike says:

    From the looks of the photos, the town’s snowfall is what we call a dusting. But having said that, I will also say that I understand the problems with a city that doesn’t get snow often and equipment drivers who don’t have the skill set to deal with it. It makes for a trying, dangerous time.

  4. buckeyebob says:

    Thanks to Joe’s bff we have an abundance of dead ready to burn Ash . Appreciate the bugs Mr Chinko ! 85 in my cabin tonight .

  5. Must say that the old Jeep is very photogenic!

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