Wow, that session didn’t last long at all.

So this morning’s task was to get the front of the Lair all one color – at least its lower tier.

Got that much done.

Then I had to decide: Turn left, or go up? I was on a roll with the rig I was already using and didn’t want to spend half an hour fiddling with ladders, so I turned the corner. I figured I’d get the upper part as a separate job. But I didn’t get far.

Wow, the sun’s been rough on that paneling. I should have repainted it last year, instead I barely gave it a thought. I knew it was dried out and showing some cracking, but this side soaks up more paint than the new plywood did. Again; primer. Next time I’ll try to remember. But right now this is the paint I have. Or rather, had. That’s as far as my last gallon took me.

But you can see where I’m going with that color: Without being camouflaged as such, the Lair will blend with its surroundings better with this shade. Precisely why that goal interests me, I have no good answer. Comes with the lifestyle, I guess.

By complete serendipity this was a good day to use up the last of my paint. I’ve got a ride to town this afternoon, so things won’t come to a complete halt for a week.

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5 Responses to Wow, that session didn’t last long at all.

  1. Ben says:

    That two-tone paint job does serve to break up the outline of the Lair.

  2. Joel says:

    :) I now have more paint, and if tomorrow dawns auspicious the Lair will be one-tone.

  3. MamaLiberty says:

    Camouflaged… might work if nobody looks up a bit and sees the bright red roof… :)

  4. MJR says:

    @ Joel… It has always amazed me how much primer and paint an exterior wall can soak up. We have to do the exterior of our place every four or five years and what a chore it is. Your place is looking good.

    @ Mama Liberty… picky, picky, picky. :^)

  5. MamaLiberty says:

    I know… comes of practicing such serious situational awareness. LOL

    I did dodge the paint bullet years ago on my log cabin. I had a man come out from a place that builds the things and happened to ask about how often I needed to apply the “sealer” to the logs. The cabin was built in 2000, and had only gotten one coat since 2006. He asked me if I objected to the gray color it has now, and I said it didn’t much matter. He said I didn’t need to paint it with anything then, because the major reason to put stuff on log homes was to retain the mostly artificial yellowish color they have when they are first built! And, of course, whatever you paint onto the logs comes off in the weather and sun, so it has to be redone regularly.

    OH, OK… forget about spending several hundred dollars every four to six years then. I do understand that processed wood surfaces are a lot different. :)

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