Finally got you, you crafty little SOB.

I bought a new trap, because sometimes old traps stop attracting rats. I tried the ol’ tried and true peanut butter, I tried sunflower seeds. He ignored them both. I stopped setting the trap for a couple of nights, then tried bread scraps.

He couldn’t resist bread scraps.


I’ve been slacking off on construction the last couple of days, just piddling around, enjoying (wasting) the sunshine. But I can’t seal the addition against rats till I turn my attention to the floor. For the floor, I need the use of D&L’s workshop and D&L’s workshop is being industriously stuccoed and doesn’t need my disruption at the moment. So right now I’m putting up with the occasional rodent, and that’s bad. Rodents have never been a problem inside the Lair, but they’re creatures of scent trails and habit; once you’ve got’em it’s ten times harder to get rid of’em. I’ve killed three mice but I knew from the droppings that there was a rat. At least one.

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5 Responses to Finally got you, you crafty little SOB.

  1. Kentucky says:

    I’m not familiar with your particular species of rat, but he appears to be sizable.

    A mouse can get thru a surprisingly small opening . . . how about those fellers?

  2. Joel says:

    As a specimen of packrat, he’s actually fairly small. But they share the ability with mice, that they can pour their whole body through any hole their skull will fit through. I’ve seen’em go through holes I couldn’t believe.

    But I’m not sure if this one spent the day inside or came in through an undiscovered hole. There’s currently an appalling gap under the new door, to accommodate the new floor. I’ve been stuffing it with a towel, and other mornings the towel has been shoved aside in spots. So I assumed (hoped) that was the only portal. But today I got a rat kill and the towel was undisturbed. Unless he tucked it back into the crack after he passed through it, or he spent the day indoors, there’s another hole I haven’t caulked shut.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Or is it possible that he came in through the “rat and raccoon entry door” and LB’s maw was not gaping on the interior side of same?

  4. Joel says:

    No, ever since the death of the last cat that door’s been set for “out but not in.” LB can push it open from the inside for a look at the outdoors, but it’s blocked from opening from the outside. I even check it from time to time to make sure it hasn’t broken.

    But damned if LB hasn’t proven a worthless watchdog about rats in his Lair.

  5. Mark Matis says:

    Maybe LB just wanted someone to play with when you are otherwise occupied!

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