The rain lasted all morning but the clouds started breaking up right around noon, and if the forecast remains correct we’ll have a few dry breezy days to sort out the mud. The mud right at this moment is impressive. Even in 4WD I had a hard time just getting up Landlady’s driveway through this one big ash patch.

Coldest day of the season by far to date, topping out at mid-forties. The bedroom heater has been on and off all morning, set at sixty…

…and when I came back from chicken chores and checked the propane regulator, I got a nasty … not really a surprise…

Technically that’s not the first bottle swap on the bedroom heater, but the first one was a near-empty that was really just there all summer to keep spiders from building nests in the fittings and shouldn’t count. So that’s one full bottle used up and it’s not even December. If I’d done something so profligate back in the living-on-shit-shoveling days I’d have had to flagellate myself or something. As it is, I just chalk it up to “old men get cold easier.”

But it’s only a hair after one and the sun’s coming out now, so I expect the inside to warm up. Cabin gets nice solar gain in the afternoon since I put that big window in the bathroom in ’15.

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4 Responses to Yeesh.

  1. Old guys do get colder easier. As we age, our body simply doesn’t do temperature regulation as well as it once did. Or much of anything else, for that matter.

    Time to go work on next winter’s wood. 🙂

  2. terrapod says:

    Upside is when the ground freezes and you can drive on it, downside is more propane used. BTW check your ail drop for a box 😉

  3. Joel says:

    BTW check your ail drop for a box

    I was looking forward to seeing that box this weekend, but unfortunately life intervened and now it’ll be another three weeks.

  4. terrapod says:

    In the famous words of most squirrels….nuts! Oh well, it is not perishable and will keep.

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