Yep. Good day.

Landlady’s been having some financial troubles of her own, for which “while you’re building a house” is never a good time. But that’s what friends are for, and yesterday we passed a milestone. We (well, she) got the breaker box all wired, and one complete string of outlets. They forgot to bring outlets from the city, and that was a problem because the local place where a hardware store should be is never adequately stocked with…well, anything. But M went to town and brought back the one box of 10 outlets they had in the whole place, which allowed us to wire up a complete circuit.

Then S the Weekender Neighbor came over to make sense of our electrical system’s ad-hoc wiring and connect the cable for the house. Down the slope, throw a couple of breakers, stick a saw in an outlet, and – it works! Yay! I dug out an old table lamp I’ve carried with me since high school – kind of a good-luck charm, long story – and they had light at night! She was happy, which made us happy. There aren’t any electrical appliances yet, but there’s electricity.

This morning we went to M’s Dome and laid some block, but only kept at it for a couple of hours because that’s all the cement we had. Which also made us happy. All in all a good weekend, and it’s only Sunday morning.

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