You don’t know a desert road…

…until you’ve driven it wet and dry. I’d have testified that I was quite familiar with the roads on the other side of the plateau before this morning, but since I’d never driven them during/after a good soaky rain I didn’t know where the clay and ash deposits were. I waited to go up there this morning till there was a lull in the rain – which lasted until I was about 2/3 of the way there – and still spent a lot of time unexpectedly sideways.

On a day like this it’s a relief to get back to a place where I can drive in the wash. As long as it doesn’t flood, the nice deep sand of the wash is much easier to drive on than the slick snot that currently is the ‘road.’

But I got up and back down the mesa undamaged, so if all goes well that should be the last time. No point watering the gardens, of course, but there was still the greenhouse and the potted plants under the overhang of their lovely wraparound porch. And the cats were feeling pretty neglected. So it took a little while to do. Jeep windows steamed up, but at least the defroster works when I can remember how to use it – weather this humid isn’t all that common.

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3 Responses to You don’t know a desert road…

  1. Kentucky says:

    Safe to assume you’ve put the door back on the Jeep? 😉

  2. Mike says:

    Reading stories like this, I’m reminded me of how lucky I have it. With the exception of the occasional gravel road, I stick to the pavement so I don’t have the worry of battering my SUV to death or my kidneys, for that matter.

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