Your idea of ‘freedom’ may be different from mine, but…

Look, everybody’s got his own shibboleth. Different people concentrate on different things, their own interests, and they won’t ‘feel free’ until they’re left alone to enjoy their own thing. There are weed people, gun people, gay people. People who worry about being numbered and inventoried. Whatever. For people who consider themselves part of a ‘freedom movement,’ this presents challenges because these single-issue groups may form naturally but they don’t always naturally interact very well. ‘Herding cats’ comes to mind. Okay, that’s life.

I blame the left/right false dichotomy for the fact that some of these groups consider one another natural enemies. For example, this…

Listen up, Gays: They’re coming to recruit you


Perhaps being courted by a traditionally right-wing, conservative movement is refreshing and progressive, but it could also just be really effective concern trolling.

Are gun rights ‘traditionally right-wing conservative?’ Maybe, maybe not. In my own experience, the left/right thing is irrelevant to gun rights. I started out quite ‘left-wing’ when I first started exploring and developing my own views. That has changed radically, but my views about guns haven’t shifted an iota since I was a kid. Guns aren’t for ‘killing people,’ they’re for protection and self-determination. Killing, on the rare occasion when it happens, is incidental to that.

How can the right to be openly gay possibly be in conflict with the right to possess effective means of defense? It seems so obvious that those rights are complimentary. Gays are sometimes picked on by violent people. Effective weapons are the answer to violent people. It’s part of what they’re for. Next case.

And if you’re so certain of your position, why lie about it? Because the person who penned this is not being honest:

What better way to make people feel unsafe in gay-friendly Capitol Hill than by slyly referencing homophobia and hate crimes in pro-gun propaganda plastered on every street corner?

Are the people spreading these posters trying to ‘make people feel unsafe?’ Or are they simply pointing out that there is sometimes a problem with safety no matter where you live, that the problem is greater and more likely to arise when you’re part of a minority that is despised by some, and that arming yourself against that problem hurts nothing and might someday be a big help?

There is no natural conflict between gay rights and gun rights. The two should go together like strawberries and cream. In that regard the left/right false dichotomy is the biggest enemy freedomistas have, because its knee-jerk assumptions cause people who should be natural allies to be in useless conflict. Nobody profits but our real natural enemies.

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3 Responses to Your idea of ‘freedom’ may be different from mine, but…

  1. Dick King says:

    I saw these adds earlier today and thought them fantastic. The website they link to is even more obvious. They just point to individual freedom concepts.

  2. (Peeking under the hood)

    Is that you?

    It’s kind of like peeling an onion reading your stuff sometimes.

    Good on ya.
    I knew there was a decent human being under that sunburn somewhere.

    I strongly agree that the Left/ Right wedge has been driven too deep in this country.
    Some folks need to take a step back and realize that we are a common people, we are all Americans and that this is The Great Melting Pot.

    The only Us VS. Them issue we should be having is the one that really needs to be addressed, the power mad authoritarians among us need to be reigned in and penned back up.

  3. Keith says:

    Politics; the art and practice of dividing people in to “Them” vs “Us”

    One of the first gunny blogs I discovered was Jeff Sawyer’s “Alphecca”. While Jeff’s orientation was never a secret, he was never in your face with it either, he’s just Jeff, although he did occasionally post links to the “pink pistols” and “gays with AKs”.

    I think – I’m not sure and I’m not going to check up because it isn’t any of my business – that we also have a few trans gender gunnies active on the net.

    The more the merrier, a shared interest (in guns and hopefully in liberty too) does the opposite of politics, it brings a diverse bunch together.

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