You’re assuming they have “first principles.”

Halfway through my first cup, I already found my belly laugh for the morning…

…those Republicans in the Freedom Caucus and the conservative organizations undergirding them who killed the AHCA have done Trump, the GOP, even Ryan and the House GOP leadership and the country at large a favor. We can now start over and get back to first principles where health care is concerned.

Right. This will shock the “conservative” GOP “leaders” right into line, I’m quite sure.

Obamacare was passed in, what, 2010? And only now, having unexpectedly had their last excuse removed, the congressional repub “leaders” discover that they have no ideas for how to run a health care industry better than Obama’s already failing 5-year plan? Shocking. Shocking.

The article’s notion of “first principles” is to admit that all the government regulations have done nothing but progressively wreck an industry that, in my youth, was the pride of the nation. ‘Get rid of the regulations and step back,’ suggests the writer. The repubs would only consider that if they could also remove the franchise from all those people who’ve been getting free stuff all this time. And they can’t do that, so they can’t unplug the free ice cream machine. So – apparently to everyone’s surprise, their much-anticipated new plan looked just like the old plan.

Of course, as I learned in 16 years of active marriage, whenever something goes seriously wrong the first job is to assign the blame. And of course in this case that’s easy: This whole debacle is clearly the fault of, um…dammit, who should we blame? Ah! Got it!

Right. Thanks, Mr. Prez. That’s very helpful. We knew we could depend on you.

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4 Responses to You’re assuming they have “first principles.”

  1. Kentucky says:

    Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss . . . we’ve been fooled again.


  2. MJR says:

    One thing I have found true over the years is the normal damage control actions of any politician when things go wrong. The damage control routine has always been:

    Look surprised, act concerned and (a) deny everything or, (b) blame someone or something else for the failure.

    Over the last several decades I’ve seen this so many times, I’ve given up any hope of ever seeing a politician accept responsibility for their actions. Once i was naive, now I’m just cynical.

  3. Of course they have first principles. Everyone has first principles, including every politician.

    The problem isn’t that they don’t have first principles, the problem is that they lie through their teeth about what their first principles are. And every one of the bastards real first principle is:


    After that, everything else just kind of falls into place.


  4. MamaLiberty says:

    Except, Jerry… the actual primary goal is handed down from one generation of politicians to the next, endlessly. The primary goal is to gain control and KEEP it. Re-election merely means specific politicians get to continue benefiting from it all for a while longer.

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