It’s nice to see that this might be ticking along behind the scenes…

Remember last year’s Operation Blazing Sword? For some reason I always think Operation Flaming Sword, which may be a bit flippant on my part and certainly complicates the archive search. But yeah, in the wake of that big gay club shootup last year a new meme emerged…

…which struck me as a pretty damned good idea. In fact I signed up as a volunteer instructor, not that I expected to get any takers. It wasn’t a foxhole conversion, I’ve always maintained that there’s a natural connect between gun rights and gay rights. To the extent that gun owners can be identified/demonized/dismissed as “traditionally right-wing conservative,” an interest in armed self-defense can be suppressed among the “traditionally left-wing progressive.” The tactic of divide and rule works well, wherever its victims allow it to.

I stopped hearing about Operation Blazing Sword after a while, such things do most commonly fade away. But that doesn’t mean they were bad ideas. And as Firehand points out, there are certainly at least some gays who have gotten the point.

I think someone was referring to situations like this as Gun Culture v.3. Maybe v.4. People with no previous experience with firearms, including lots of millenials, gays, minorities, and women, discovering that
They’re fun.
They’re handy.
If you’re really concerned about being bashed, being armed is generally a Good Thing.
And, I think a big one with a lot more people anymore,
Lots of control-freak politicians really don’t like you owning them. Therefore, learning to shoot, and maybe even buying a gun, is another Good Thing.

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5 Responses to It’s nice to see that this might be ticking along behind the scenes…

  1. Jay says:

    Actually it’s doing fine, Erin has gotten a 501c charity tax thing for it and has been doing a lot to keep it moving and visible including a storefront to get shirts and such.

  2. Joel says:

    It’s very nice that it’s still around in some form, and I see that Erin is giving speeches and selling merch. What I haven’t been able to learn, though, is whether people who signed up as volunteer instructors are actually doing any training, and if so in what numbers.

    The only time I’ve seen (him? her? I dunno) even acknowledge the question, the answer was “I don’t know because I don’t ask people to out themselves,” which is no answer at all. Without numbers, it’s not really a thing. It’s just a thing masquerading as a thing.

    The last figure I saw for volunteers was over 1400, which is pretty damned good response. Why wouldn’t OBS be crowing about how many people those volunteers have trained, if those volunteers are in fact training anybody? I volunteered and never got any response, which of course doesn’t surprise me because I’m way out in the boonies. But a lot of other volunteers aren’t. So if I’m not hearing about training taking place, I must infer that it’s because not much training is taking place. Which makes me sad, because it was a good idea.

  3. Jay says:

    I’ve trained a couple small groups, 3 guys and another Lesbian couple. I consider that a success as I’m in a relatively small community and folks of that persuasion are in short supply here.

    For whatever reason neither group wanted me to make a big deal out of it.

    Getting the other side to take advantage of the offer has been tricky, one the guys I shot with is a friend of mine and he brought a couple others with him.

  4. Jay says:

    The Lesbian couple I met at Walmart, they were walking thru the sporting goods and one mentioned that she’d like to learn how to shoot and I made the offer and left them with my contact info thinking nothing would come of it. A week later I got an email from them asking what if anything they needed to bring, that weekend they were burning thru ammo like no tomorrow.

    I haven’t heard anything back from the guys but the girls are now officially card carrying members of the gun owning community and invited me to go shooting with them. They also mentioned that they have other friends that would probably be interested in learning and we’ll see how that goes.

    Erin prefers “Her” although I still screw up and call her Dude every once in a while.

  5. Joel says:

    That’s great, Jay. Thanks!

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