Zoe’s excellent adventure begins

It has always been my policy to keep a kitten indoors until it starts to fight me on the issue. Today Zoe decided she’s old enough to go outside with the others.

She did it with style, too. I’ve been working in the yard all day. Went in for lunch, didn’t see Zoe, and assumed she was napping in the loft. Went outside, into the chicken yard, and there was Zoe. Under the Lair, right against the chicken wire. She’d been watching the chickens.

Well, she must have snuck out around my feet, right? I caught her, brought her back inside. Went back out and collected eggs. Came out of the chicken yard and there was Zoe, frolicking around LB’s legs.

Okay. This, I’ve got to see. I grabbed her again, brought her inside, and pulled up a chair. She strutted up to the cat door. It’s been set to in-but-not-out ever since she got here. She snagged it with a claw, levered it open, and scooted right through.

So now it’s official: Zoe just declared herself part of the food chain. Which part, only time will tell. I’ve reset the door to in-and-out. Will she have sense enough to stay close, and come in at night? Stay tuned.

ETA: Before I could even finish typing this, Zoe came flying in through the cat door with her tail at full-fluff. So that’s a good sign. She knows the door works both ways, and she knows “inside” is safe. I’ve had cats who never figured out either of those things.

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4 Responses to Zoe’s excellent adventure begins

  1. j.r. guerra in s. tx. says:

    Sounds to me like you are getting attached to her – glad she seems to be working out for you. Hope your fellow roomies feel the same way.

  2. Joel says:

    I like cats. When I was younger I found kittens very entertaining. Some are easier to live with than others, and Zoe’s place on the scale is up near the part that says “insufferable,” but still. Once I would have gotten a real kick out of her. At this time of my life I must admit I’m not as tolerant of kittens as I used to be.

    So no, not really attached. Right now she’s more of a responsibility I frequently regret accepting. She’ll grow on me more when she settles down. If she lives through what’s coming.

  3. You should have named that little varmint Mischief, it’s written all over her face in that picture.

  4. MamaLiberty says:

    That’s funny… 🙂 Cats are amazing. My sister had one that could open kitchen cabinet doors, crawl in and somehow manage to arrange itself around the dishes and glasses without breaking any. She got tired of the cat hair in the dishes fast, of course, and put some child proof latches on the doors. The cat couldn’t figure out how to open them then, but they were certainly a pain in the neck for anyone who wanted dishes as well. She finally took them off and I guess the cat never went back to opening them. But it could have… LOL

    Dogs are enough of a nuisance to deal with and I’m only glad they can’t climb.

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