A major irritant has been removed from my life!

No, not you, Zoe. I’m afraid you’re staying.

THIS irritant!

Yes! I got a call yesterday from my weekender neighbor S, whom I didn’t expect to see this weekend. He said, “I’m here, and so’s your new panel, and I’ll be there at seven on Sunday to put it up for you.” Which was more than one piece of almost absurdly good news, since the deal didn’t involve him doing any work. But he’s a professional at this sort of thing and I’m not, so nobody heard me complaining or trying to argue him out of it.

Then when we were done with the installation, which didn’t take long since someone who knew what he was doing was present, he invited me over to his place for breakfast. I went, of course, because sausage. And when I got back, at a mere 9:15 in the AM, I already had 13.74 volts at the batteries!

And Uncle Joel is happy.

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2 Responses to A major irritant has been removed from my life!

  1. MizDeb says:

    Great news! You know Miss Zoe is there to keep everyone on their toes! A little excitement is good. Lol

  2. Brass says:

    “I went, of course, because sausage.” Best. Sentence. Ever.

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