At some point, when I’m making a total ass of myself in public…

…I like to think a friend would think enough of me to tell me to shut up and sit down while an ounce of dignity remains.

By that standard, I must conclude that Shannon Watts has no friends.

The Ruger 8400 is a .22 rimfire bolt action rifle, mechanically identical* to the one I learned to shoot with in my early teens. But this one has a pistol grip and a barrel shroud and a shoulder thing that looks suspiciously like it might go up (it doesn’t) and therefore it is EEEEVIL. Also it’s black, and Shannon, that’s racist as hell.

I recall when people with loud opinions on subjects about which they’re completely ignorant were objects of ridicule. I was often that person growing up, and got laughed at a lot. I deserved to be. But Michael Bloomberg pays Watts large amounts to publicly display her ignorant bigotry, and so her views on what should be banned are totally to be taken seriously.

*ETA for full disclosure: not identical. The old Cooey didn’t have a magazine.

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8 Responses to At some point, when I’m making a total ass of myself in public…

  1. Ben says:

    But…but just look at it. Assault rifle! As with pornography, you know an assault rifle when you see one…right?

  2. Bob says:

    Not to be confused with an anti-gun Sharon Watts supporter, but technically she’s correct. An 18 year-old can purchase an ugly black, assault-type weapon from an on-line retailer. What she fails to mention is that that ugly black, assault-type weapon must be shipped to an FFL dealer, and said 18 year-old must fill out a 4473 form, and undergo a background check before taking possession. Also, she fails to mention that this ugly thing is only a .22. Not too many (none) mass shootings have been committed with .22’s. Needles to say, Ms. Watts relies on implication, and visual effects to gain supporters.

  3. Loacked and Loaded says:

    Just another dumb ****…..”Can’t Understand Normal Thinking……

    (Bad word, there, L&L. – J 🙂 )

  4. Kentucky says:

    Don’t ignore the “high-capacity, rapid-fire” magazine. It completes the “assault weapon” format.

  5. Kentucky says:

    Paraphrasing SNL: “Shannon, you ignorant (well, you know)”.

  6. Waepnedmann says:

    Fact check: the shooter at Thurston High School in Springfield, Oregon used at semi-auto .22 of a well known and popular model.
    “You can look it up.”
    I am old so I remember stuff that happened before a lot of people were born.

  7. Eric says:

    The shooter at the Cascade Mall in WA state two years ago used a 10/22. killed five people.

  8. Jim Collins says:

    But you must admit, it does have teh shoulder thing that goes up. (Adjustable cheekpiece). I LiKE that stock. Looks like it would be easy to dial in to my slightly larger than average self.

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