Augason Farms 48-hour emergency food supply review, Pt. 2: The Adventure Continues.

Okay: So on my very first day, I cheated on my “emergency food only” diet…

…so I didn’t even do the third meal yesterday. I did do lunch, though…

…Creamy potato soup. Once again, as is I suppose going to be the protocol for this whole review, I divided the packet contents into four portions because the tub is for four people and I’m not four people.

Nice and thick, the way I like creamy soup. Fair warning: If you’re lactose intolerant you might want to give this whole tub a miss. Not bad. Kind of bland; needed spicing up quite a lot, but not bad.

And also quite filling, unlike the oatmeal breakfast. I was expecting rather less. In this regard the packaging is confusing…

The instructions clearly say cook up the whole package, which ought to be four servings…

But elsewhere on the package it says the contents are eight servings. Whatever: The soup lunch was much more filling than the oatmeal breakfast was. Held me till snacks with Landlady and S&L late in the afternoon, and I never did eat supper.

This morning I had emergency food pancakes.

This is just straight-up pancake mix; you could do better for less money at any grocery store, though the package probably wouldn’t stay fresh for 30 years. And one-quarter of the packet, again, doesn’t look like enough to feed a growing boy…

…and also you should use less water than the instructions call for because MY GOD THAT’S THIN! So more like crepes.

Four thin little crepes, to be precise, and that’s not going to hold me till lunch and I really do have work to do. So…

The morning of Day 2, and I’m already cheating. 😉 Because I have chickens, and the targeted customer base for pre-packaged emergency food presumably does not. But I do. So I got an egg with my emergency food crepes.

Next up: Creamy Chicken Rice.

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