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Oy. I spent all yesterday morning cutting up firewood for D&L, and maybe got through a third of the pile. (This job seems to work in thirds.) If I were stronger I’d be slowed by the fact that they’ve only got two chains for their chainsaw, and four solid hours of cutting juniper is enough to thoroughly dull two chains. But that isn’t really a limiting factor for me, because at the end of four hours I’m too wasted to lift kindling.

So at the rate I’m going I’ll have five days invested by the time I’ve chopped the wood I cut on Monday. I’m making quite a lovely big pile of firewood for them. At the end of this pile I’ll have provided them more firewood than they put up all last autumn, and I’m hoping they’ll elect to leave the rest on the trees. But I kind of foolishly contracted to cut all the deadwood in their meadow, so if they want me to I’m obligated to do this all over again – at least three times. For what I’m getting paid that would be a disaster, but I’ll do it if I have to.

If they got the chains sharpened yesterday afternoon, I’m off to do it again this morning. At least it’s gotten me out of the doldrums.

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