But first, some road work.

I wanted to work on that target stand this morning while it was cool, but further work required the Jeep and the Jeep hasn’t been in the wash for over a month. My driveway apron washed away early and there’s no point getting Neighbor L to come out with his backhoe and re-dig it until after Monsoon. So this morning I drove to Landlady’s place for morning chicken chores, then hung a right at the wash crossing and tried to drive through the wash to the rifle range.

I say tried

Having walked the wash several times since the floods I knew that one rocky spot had gotten better and one had gotten substantially worse, like maybe impassible. This isn’t my first rodeo and I do have an old and worn but still capable jacked-up Jeep, so “passible” is relative in my favor. I could do this, I just needed to figure out how.

As usual the trick is to plot the least impassible route through the rock field and then remove as many tire-wreckers as possible from that route and figure out how to weave around the ones that you can’t remove. Simple. Not always easy, but doable and rather pleasant in the cool early morning if your back isn’t hurting.

Then to the range.

I removed the crossbars and chicken wire from the target stand, then dug up the silt until I could move the most displaced vertical post…

Then did the same to a much lesser extent to the other post and replaced the upper crossbar.

It was at this point that I realized I had forgotten to bring a roll of wire to reconnect the chicken wire to the crossbars, and anyway it was getting hot and sweaty so I called a halt for the morning. But there’s less than half an hour’s work left to do and the range will be fully back in function.

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