Care Packages!

While I was in the big town 50 miles away the other day to visit the (shudder) DMV, I also bought a real new dog bed.

Yeah, with a tear in my eye, too. What that thing cost, if Laddie refuses to use it I’m gonna barbecue the ungrateful mutt.

Landlady came a day early just to haul my ass to the aforementioned DMV, and she brought care packages!

Somebody hit the Amazon wish list again. I’ve got a new heavy hoodie, which with the other new kit from the past couple of years basically sets me up for an ice age. In your face, Al Gore. Also a couple of socket organizers, which will help with the tool chest’s top drawer. Thanks!

Three brand new stump socks! I’m not the only amputee out there, I see.

Food and snacks! One of those sealed cans of saltines is going next to the sick box.

And Big Brother sent some munchies and…

Yay! Always welcome.

Also another Generous Reader sent a sack of kibble and a new brush for Laddie, and I’m told it arrived at the maildrop in plenty of time for the usual care package dump. But as previously mentioned Landlady was already stuck in a storm by then, so…it’ll get here in 2-3 weeks.

Thanks, guys. You rock.

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  1. Jim Price says:

    How would one know what size to send you?

To the stake with the heretic!