Care Packages! I almost certainly won’t starve this month.

Landlady came up yesterday after a fairly protracted absence and announced she had “a ton of packages,” which didn’t turn out to be quite literally true…

But they were pretty heavy, because canned goods. I got two regular monthly care packages from Big Brother, and am now richer by a bunch of Spam and snackies and a couple of really nice long-sleeved t-shirts which will get a lot of use in the next few months…

…and a case of that nice canned bread we reviewed in the summer. I bake all my own bread and so usually save this for a treat, kind of like sweet bread. But there’s a couple of cans in the sick box, and it’s good to have a bunch squirreled away in case the flour supply dries up which it certainly could. I eat a lot of bread.

And to keep Zelda engaged with the blog…

…and a new mousetrap to try out and review! None of my other traps are doing any good right now, but I know there’s a bunch of rodents in the powershed so I think I’ll try this one out there first.

And Colorado Hermit had the Christmas spirit, for sure…

Canned meat! I love having canned meat around. And enough sugar snackies to ensure that the long morning walks continue, so that I may continue to fit into my second-hand jeans. 🙂

Private to CH: That Cabela’s gift card really did get used immediately. The synchronicity department called and said it was perfect almost to the dollar for a purchase of the “want but can live without and really shouldn’t spend money on” persuasion.

Landlady brought coffee…

I like a really dark roast and am still looking for a new favorite coffee after Trader Joes, the fascists, discontinued the House Blend I’ve been drinking for all this century. Why do they hate otherly-abled hermits of color? Ask yourself that. They go on about “fair trade” this and that but I think they’re all closet Trump voters. Anyway I’m looking forward to trying their French Roast of which there’s a can in the rotation but I have to wait to get to it. And while I don’t normally like Columbian Supremo because it’s kind of acidy to me the TJ CS isn’t bad. So she brought me a can of that.

Plus there were a bunch of green stamps, and some folks have been hitting the Paypal button lately, relieving any immediate anxiety about filling propane bottles. And that’s always a comfort in winter since propane expenses do go up in winter.

So thank you guys very much!

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3 Responses to Care Packages! I almost certainly won’t starve this month.

  1. coloradohermit says:

    Merry Christmas!

  2. ZtZ says:

    Joel likely you aren’t seeing/catching many mice now because it’s cold and they are all curled up in a warm, dry place, happily making more mice. You provide food, water, shelter, protection from predators – what else do they have to do 24×7 but make more mice? And eat your vehicle wiring.
    Hah. Your blog is the first thing I read in the morning – I have learned so much from the people who post comments and from watching what you do. My place is still a work in progress and my skill levels (except in rodent destruction) are way below yours and theirs. You betcha I am engaged with the blog. And always ready to encourage your rodent control efforts. Go Joel.

  3. Quiet Joe says:

    Joel, I added 2 cases of that Canned Bread to my preps back in 2008. Had a few cans as treats. Saved the rest. 10 years no bulges, rust, or anything, I cracked open a can, gave it a sniff test, ate a piece and it was as good now as it was then.

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