High tech, low tech…middle tech?

This is a house full of no doubt typical household gadgets, some of which seem weird and almost sinister to an old man who’s spent the past dozen years deliberately lowering his tech expectations to what’s supported by his dependably available infrastructure.

Remember a couple of months ago when I needed a strong cell signal for software updates and I sort of forgot that laptop computers are portable? It’s a little like that.

I was making lunch and wanted some tunes. Before they left, my friends introduced me to their ‘robot overlord…’

…and showed me how it could play any music I wanted, which seems to be the main function to which they put it.

Full disclosure: They were barely out of the driveway before I unplugged it. That goddam thing is creepy – I stopped thinking getting computers to do stuff by just talking to the air was a good idea before I was out of my teens. So anyway, I was going to be spending some quality time in the kitchen and wanted some tunes, right? And I dug around in my goodie bag, and…

…and I had a chuckle at myself because for a long time I thought of these gadgets as high-tech. But at least I’m reasonably convinced this one doesn’t spy on me.

Didn’t wash dishes yesterday, so by the end of lunch there was getting to be a fair pile needing attention. Naturally this kitchen has all the amenities…

And this is hardly new. I more than once owned a house and every one had a dishwasher, I don’t quite that much play the backward curmudgeon. But of course the Lair doesn’t have one, which means I barely recall how to work one. And they’re so noisy. Sudsy water doesn’t make me uncomfortable.

Speaking of noise, I think that may be my biggest complaint about cities: I’m in a middle-class suburb right now, not exactly the Smoldering City, but everything is so noisy. You can hear people noises all around all the time, seldom voices but construction and maintenance banging, big trucks, the constant surf noise of traffic…or you can stay inside and listen to the air conditioning.

I know. You get used to it. But I’m used to silence, and it has brought me to a peaceful frame of mind after many years of always being on edge all the damn time. In the desert if something really bugs you it usually really is okay to just shoot it. 🙂

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6 Responses to High tech, low tech…middle tech?

  1. Kentucky says:

    Just think how happy you will be to get home once you satisfy this little visit to civilization.

  2. Mark Matis says:

    Has Laddie decided to sing to the neighbors yet?

    By the way, these guys say YOU are the reason he has his issues:


  3. Tennessee Budd says:

    Don’t feel too alone, Joel–that second picture? I gather that it’s some sort of device to play music, but I have no idea what it is or is called, & wouldn’t have the foggiest notion of how to operate it.
    I just got my first ‘smart’ (ahem) phone this year, & that’s only because my new job insisted upon it. I still carry my flip-phone, & it’s still my main one.

  4. jc says:

    I live right across the street from an elementary school and a city park. It’s dead now that school’s out. All the kiddies are at home with their pokemon boxes or whatever.

  5. Malatrope says:

    The silence is the greatest gut joy of the boondocks. I think the constant din in towns bigger than a few hundred people is a large contributor to why everybody’s going nuts.

    There can be no peace without silence and solitude.

  6. Phil in Austin says:

    Just named off most of the reasons I’m getting out of Dodge, so to say. It’s just too crowded and noisy and no privacy to be had. I’m tired of the rat race.

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