I’d like to be done with this now, please.

Gotta go back to the big town about 50 miles away for the one-week checkup on last week’s eye surgery.

This one has gone a helluva lot better than the first, so much better I could actually get through life without prescription glasses if I had to. Right now I’m juggling three different pair: Two dollar-store reading glasses and some neato the-oughts-want-their-sunglasses-back colored wraparounds that GC Guy gave me. As a lifelong wearer of coke-bottle-bottom glasses, I have never owned a pair of Joe-cool shades. So being able to navigate without any more lenses than the ones implanted in my upgraded 21st century eyeballs – plus the fact that without the cataracts the sunlight is too damn bright – is quite a treat for the eternally uncool old fart.

Alas when I need to shoot a gun or do a lot of other things I’m back to juggling various pairs of reading glasses, so I really do need to put Joe Cool aside and get some new bifocals. I’m hoping, but not very seriously, that today the ophthalmologist will declare me healed and send me to the optometrist for a new prescription. This business of bopping off to the big town every week or so is really wearing on my nerves.

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4 Responses to I’d like to be done with this now, please.

  1. kevin collins says:


    As one who made a small $ towards your “eye drop fund” this is good news. Cataracts and glaucoma are coded into my genetic imperative, so I follow with interest your hopeful recovery of youthful vision.

    For sunglasses ( polarized only ! ) I have had good success with Sierra Trading ( Google it). They have a wide selection of well made, sport-oriented sunglasses. Sign up for their email service. I only purchase when the shipping is free. I have purchased several quality pairs ( < $20 Guideline brand) that were a good value.

    Just ordered ( but not received) new glasses from an online vendor, Zenni Optical, apparently out of Cali, with production sourced to where else, China. They offer prescription sunglasses, regular specs, bi-focal and progressives ( multi-focal w/o the bi-focal line). Some consumers love them while all Opticians hate them. Their on-line tutorial helps with understanding your prescription and the ordering process. Knowing the dimensions of a current pair of glasses that fit is important for the proper fit of the new ones.

    My new glasses with "hip" frames, lenses and upgraded coating ( anti-scratch / smudge) were @ $ 45 when delivered (2-3 weeks) . I they end up sucking, it's better than the $ 150 I blew last time on glasses that ended up being shite.

    Continued good luck and best regards,

    Your Hermit-in-Spirit

    KC in Philly

  2. Philip Paul says:

    If you can, get the Bi focal’s without the line.
    Mine drive me crazy.

  3. Joat says:

    I can second http://www.zennioptical.com/ my prescription is minor but the glasses were sub $10 before shipping, and they got them correct the first time.

  4. Joel says:

    I used Zenni Optical on my last glasses. I was extremely underwhelmed by the quality of the frames, but they did a good job on the lenses.

    Phil, I’ve been wearing bifocals since I was a little boy. Not sure what I’d do without the line, to be honest.

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