Oh, this is sad. Remember porcupine dog?

I thought he looked kind of familiar but I only saw that one picture and he could have been almost any dog.

Also, in late January the game camera saw three dogs cavorting around the cattle waterer. Porcupine dog was one of them – and I know within two hours when he tangled with the porcupine, too, because those three dogs came back on February 15, three days before S&L found him dying.

Check out the timestamps. Before:

Happy! Dancing and running!

After: Two hours later.

Not happy at all.

There’s much much more on the mem card, but it wouldn’t make for a very cheerful gif. The three hung around for quite a while, and he kept trying to drink from the tire. But his mouth and tongue were pretty much nailed into the positions they’d have for the no-doubt-too-long rest of his life.

And this is why I don’t let any dog run around loose unless I’m convinced he has some sense. He’ll have a great time – until something kills him.

I originally thought those three dogs belonged to some tourist, because I never saw them before but they looked too well cared for to be dumped or strayed. Now it looks as though they’re local, but certainly not from our valley or I’d know them. Somebody’s probably mourning a dog and wondering what happened.

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4 Responses to Oh, this is sad. Remember porcupine dog?

  1. Czechsix says:

    What a shame. About the only place i let my dog run free is on my property, lots of trappers up here and it seems like monthly someone loses their dog to a trap. Usually it’s a legal trap, the owner of the pup just didn’t want their dog on a lead. I’d never do it in the desert either, plenty of folks out there that’ll shoot feral, and sometimes not so feral dogs that are just loose.

    He looked pretty well cared for, too.

  2. Kentucky says:

    “Somebody’s probably mourning a dog and wondering what happened.”

    Too sad. If they happen to see your posts you may hear from them.

    Which brings a question . . . do you know if any of your neighbors follow your blog as the “voice of the local wilderness”?

  3. Joel says:

    A few definitely do. Some don’t really internet. But I’m always careful what I say whether I think they read it or not: It’s only polite.

  4. Kentucky says:

    I would never have assumed otherwise.

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