One of the things I like about my yard…

…is my little juniper grove.

That’s all one tree. It’s very old. Junipers live a long time by dying in spots and growing new spots, and when I first came to the hollow this was all a big tangle of mostly dead wood. I gradually got it cleaned up, and now I think it’s kinda pretty.

But there was one big trunk that would be directly in my way if I plan to bring the addition out the full length of the cabin, which I plan to do. So, very carefully, it had to go.

It’ll take a couple of years for the scar to go gray like all the other dead stumps, but in the end this won’t hurt the tree. This stuff is pretty hardy, as I suppose it would have to be.

I kind of pondered how to cut it. I could bring out the Husqvarna, but it would take longer to service the saw out of mothballs than it would to cut the trunk. I know it’s too much for the electric chainsaw. Finally I went with the go-to Sawzall.

It empties batteries fast when you make it work, but damn this thing is handy to have around. With an assortment of blades, it can do pretty much anything but hammer nails. And it uses free fuel!

I also got the post holes dug for the new pole shed, but that’s when I ran out of steam. I didn’t really expect to finish the holes because I ran into packed clay. My shoulder has good days and bad days, and this is not a good day. I really wasn’t up to swinging the mattock. But we kind of wore through the clay deposit with a shovel, and eventually finished.

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5 Responses to One of the things I like about my yard…

  1. Andrew says:

    So, have you decided on a layout of the new bedroom? Do you want to share a floorplan for all of us hermit-wanna-be-living-vicariously-through-yous?

    That juniper looks tougher than hickory to deal with. I take it the wind twists the trunks around, making your very own natural bonsai trees. (Ifn I remember, the wind did the same thing to all the coastal pines near Santa Maria when I lived there long time ago…)

  2. MJR says:

    It’s funny you should post this. i had to use my trusty, made by the best slave labor China could provide, sawzall the other day to hack up a tree I dropped with an axe. I would have used the chainsaw but the chain is in dire need of a sharpening. And yes it’s on the to-do list.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    Whattaya mean, it can’t hammer nails?

    The butt end of that thing looks like a perfect hammer substitute.

  4. R says:

    Folks with recip. saws should buy a handful of pruning blades for them, they work really well on green wood compared with carpentry or demolition blades.

  5. paulb says:

    digging through clay is a real pita. Dug some post holes once through three layers of the crap. get through one and get some speed going and hit another. Not sure how that came to be.

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