You guys want to see something cool?

After all I’ve only known them for six or eight years. No point rushing into these things.

Not counting Landlady and Ian who are kind of special cases, D&L are my closest friends in the gulch. They gave me keys to their place once before, when they were having troubles and needed somebody to come in and take care of things while they were off taking care of other things. But that was a specific case; when it was over, I gave the keys back. I didn’t need to have keys to their place, and they were more comfortable with my not having keys to their place. It’s not distrust, it’s just…privacy.

But life goes on, and we all get older and it’s best to plan ahead. And today, apropos of no particular emergency, they asked if I wouldn’t hang on to this set of keys to their place. Just in case.

I’ve got keys to several other places, because sometimes things need maintenance. But D&L never wanted to go there. This is trust. Trust is earned. I thought it was kind of cool, that’s all.

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You shouldn't ask these questions of a paranoid recluse, you know.
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11 Responses to You guys want to see something cool?

  1. MamaLiberty says:

    You are a very good man. I wish you were my neighbor. 🙂

  2. Paul Joat says:

    Trust is good, and your location isn’t well known, but please cover the bitting of the keys, it isn’t hard to copy a key from a picture.

  3. Robert says:

    Bravo zulu, Joel.

  4. Joel says:

    🙂 I fixed it just for you, Paul.

    Also may I add that while D&L’s house is extremely nice, there’s absolutely nothing in it that’s worth anybody’s life. So I feel a deep, abiding pity for anybody inclined to duplicate and use those keys.

  5. Wyowanderer says:

    It IS cool, and well placed.

  6. MJR says:

    One thing I have learned from reading this blog is you really are one to ride the river with. It’s good that others see you this way as well…

  7. Mark Matis says:

    If they ever ask you to give those keys back, you might consider taking a file and slightly modifying some of the bits. Just for fun, of course.

    But then, have you checked that those keys will actually work the locks? Just in case they’re funnin’ ya by giving you keys that have already been so modified…

  8. Tahn says:

    Good advice about covering the keys for a photo. Didn’t know that.

    I had some people give me a key to their place once. Was full of goodies. I insisted that they put the key in a sealed envelope and signed all the sealed edges. When I gave it back a year later, they could see that the envelope had not been opened. I would have used sealing wax if I had had it.

  9. Robert says:


    You are a bad, bad man. 🙂

    I hope my landlord doesn’t read this blog as you have given me a bad, bad idea.

  10. Joat says:

    Just because I’m not a desert dwelling hermit doesn’t mean I’m not a bit paranoid. 🙂

  11. Mark Matis says:

    I am not “bad”, Robert.

    I am merely “creative”…

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