Random gulchy moments

I really do intend to take an hour and brace that target stand. Just need to find a sharp drill bit and rummage up a couple of bolts. Bolts will stop being a problem once I score a couple of boxes of nuts and washers for that allthread I found the other day – dull drill bits are an eternal issue.

I like this rig for the game camera. The mount is made for screwing into trees, which will be occasionally useful. But since lately I’m leaving the gamecam at various places around the wash and there are no trees, I just dig a quick hole in the sand and stick this 4X4 into it. Not exactly hidden, but I think mostly the camo is intended to prevent people from finding and stealing the camera and that’s not a huge problem here. I think we’ve established that, at least at night, the camera is obtrusively visible to the animals.

friendly chickens
I have decided that the most uniformly useless of all rural questions is “Why (is/are)(that chicken/those chickens) doing that?” When you’re a chicken, there apparently is no why.

On July 30 of last year, or just slightly less than a year ago, Claire opined that the dozen bottles Big Brother sent me would be “a normal lifetime’s supply of crack sauce.”

That’s the last bottle.

And last evening I unlocked the front door, returned the furniture, and declared the sittin’ porch open for business once more. Just in time for a surprise fireworks display at the county fairgrounds eight or ten miles away as the raven flies. Surprising both because I’m in a hollow and can’t normally see more than an occasional glimpse of it, and because a lot of other surrounding areas had announced fireworks cancellations because the area’s so dry. Guess these folks figured there’s no forest or grassland around here to burn?

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9 Responses to Random gulchy moments

  1. Mark Matis says:

    What size drill bit(s) do you most commonly need? 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″???

    Or do you normally go through a full drill bit set on a regular basis?

  2. Mark Matis says:

    What size is your allthread, since that’s what you’l most likely be drilling for the foreseeable future?

  3. Joel says:

    I do manage to beat up a whole (small) bit index annually but mostly it’s the standard sizes, especially 3/8.

    The allthread is 1/2 and 3/8.

  4. Mark Matis says:

    Is your prior shipping address still good? And do you check your e-mail regularly, or should I bump you here when I e-mail you a tracking number?

  5. Joel says:

    🙂 The maildrop hasn’t changed. For some reason I can’t reply to your emails but I do receive them.

  6. patrick fowler says:

    Hi Joel, Been reading your blog for along time thought I would thank you for the inspiration after a few years Thanx again

  7. Joel says:

    Welcome Patrick! Pull up a chair and join the kaffeeklatsch, don’t make yourself a stranger!

  8. Zelda says:

    Because of Joel’s enthusiastic recommendation I decided to try crack sauce – my local smallish WalMart has it for $1.98 a 10 oz bottle in the Oriental groceries section. Wowsers, it is GOOD!!! Not likely I would have tried it because it looks like it would remove rust and peel paint, but it has a wonderful combination of flavors and the mild kick takes a few minutes to show up. Thanks Joel.

  9. S Lee says:

    Thanks to Joel, our household has its own crack sauce habit now…

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